Have you celebrated Grandparents Day?

2024 details coming soon

Grandparents Day is a new favourite on the family calendar. It’s a day when generations gather to celebrate the special role grandparents and elders, play in our lives. Spend time with an older loved one, show them you care and connect across the generations on our Grandparents Day cruises.

Show them you care

Grandparents Day in Sydney is celebrated on the last Sunday in October. Our elder generation is the backbone of the nation, volunteering in so many ways, in the community and within our own families. Make sure this Grandparents Day you show them much they mean to you. Even when distance makes a family gathering impossible, we will ensure they have an amazing experience. Or why not give your loved ones a Sydney Harbour gift voucher that will create brilliant memories to last a lifetime.

Looking for some more ideas? Read our article on The Best ways to celebrate Grandparents Day.

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