We are delighted to partner with Seabin with the aim of reducing microplastics in Sydney Harbour.

Over 100 tonnes of marine litter has been captured in Sydney Harbour from June 2020 to November 2022 by the Seabin Project, the equivalent of covering 3000 football fields with plastic shopping bags.

As an operator on Sydney Harbour, we acknowledge our responsibility to actively be involved in the protection and improvement of the health of the Harbour we operate on.

We have partnered with Seabin to support them in their ongoing mission to remove microplastics from Sydney Harbour and improve water quality for marine biodiversity. Ensuring that the world’s most beautiful Harbour can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Together with Seabin we have permanently installed a Seabin at King Street Wharf 2, Darling Harbour and will be updating this page quarterly with the impact results from our sponsored Seabin.

Seabin x CCC Partnership

Captain Cook Cruises is committed to creating a positive impact on the communities and the environment in which we operate. Download our Environmental, Social and Governance report to read more about our sustainability goals.

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