From $8.50 per adult

  • One-way or Return Ferry
  • OpalPay accepted onboard
  • Free Wi-Fi onboard

There's more to Manly than just the beach

Manly Beach is without doubt one of the best and most famous ocean beaches in the Harbour city and is located just 550m from Manly Cove wharf (Kai`ymay). Soak up the atmosphere, find your favourite gelato flavour, learn to surf, dine, drink, and shop at the weekend markets. Or explore a little further afield and discover some of the best kept local secrets below.


  • Regular services operate between Taronga Zoo, Circular Quay and Darling Harbour daily from 01Apr23
  • Variations to this schedule are noted on the bottom section of each timetable
  • Special timetables may operate on selected dates. Explore our timetable section for the latest information

See Legend below for variations

Darling Harbour - King St Wharf 1Circular Quay - Wharf 6Taronga ZooShark IslandWatsons BayManly - Wharf 3Watsons BayShark Island Taronga Zoo Circular Quay - Wharf 6Darling Harbour - King St Wharf 1
2:20pm# 2:35pm2:45pm2:55pm3:10pm3:30pm3:35pm3:50pm

Timetable Commencing 16 April 2024 | Issued 16 April 2024

Hop On Hop Off Weekend Leisure & Tourist Services: Saturday to Sunday and public holidays

Legend: #Pick-up only | *Set down only | ▲ Operates Saturday Nov-Feb

Closed: 25-Dec (Christmas Day), 26-Dec (Boxing Day selected services), 26-Jan (Australia Day)

Special Timetables Operate: 26-Dec (Boxing Day Zoo Express services only), 31-Dec (New Year’s Eve), 01-Jan (New Year’s Day) - to be confirmed

Vivid Drone Show Nights 08, 09 & 15 June 2024: Timetable will finish at 5:05pm at Circular Quay

See Legend below for variations

Circular Quay - Wharf 6Cremorne PointTaronga ZooShark IslandWatsons BayManly - Wharf 3Watsons BayShark Island Taronga Zoo Cremorne PointCircular Quay - Wharf 6



Timetable Commencing 16 April 2024 | Issued 16 April 2024

  • Hop On Hop Off Midweek Leisure & Tourist Services: Monday to Friday
  • Commuter Services: Monday to Friday excluding public holidays

Legend: #Pick-up only | *Set down only | ^ Commuter Services | ^^ Mixed Commuter, Leisure & Tourist service | ▲ Operates Saturday Nov-Feb

Closed: 25-Dec-24 (Christmas Day), 26-Dec-24 (Boxing Day selected services), 26-Jan-25 (Australia Day)

Special Timetables Operate: 26-Dec-24 (Boxing Day Zoo Express services only), 31-Dec-24 (New Year’s Eve), 01-Jan-25 (New Year’s Day) - to be confirmed

Shark Island Closures: 15-29-Feb-2024, 14-Mar-2024

Cremorne Point Service @
Does not operate 15-29 Apr 2024, 01-22 Jul 2024 , 30 Sep-11 Oct 2024, 11 Dec 2024 - TBA


Indicative route. See timetable for order of stops for your service.

Secret Manly

Located at the southern end of Manly Beach you can take a dip at the triangular-shaped Fairy Bower sea pool, overshadowed by the "Oceanides" sculpture of two twirling dancers, known as the sea nymphs by the locals. For the more adventurous and sure-footed, escape the crowds through the Manly Wormhole - a 40m secret rock passage linking Freshwater, Queenscliffe and Manly beaches. One of Sydney's favourite things to do is the Manly to Spit Bridge walk - a 10km (one-way) trail with some of the most breathtaking views of Sydney.


RouteAdultChildApp (Multi trip)
To/From Watsons Bay$8.50$6.00From $7.60 per trip
To/From Circular Quay$10.50$6.30-
To/From Taronga Zoo$8.50$6.00-

One-way fares listed above. View return and concession fares here. Visa/MasterCard/Amex & OpalPay accepted. All ferry services are cashless. All prices are per person and subject to change.

More Information

OpalPay FAQ

Please note, the below information is correct at the time of publishing and subject to change. Visit OpalPay for the latest information and services.

What is Opalpay?OpalPay is a convenient way to pay for travel using your Opal card on participating privately operated transport services.
Where can I use OpalPay?You can now tap to pay with your Opal card on selected private ferry services. Look for 'OpalPay accepted here' signs.
Why use OpalPay?With OpalPay, you can use your Opal card on a wider range of transport services, allowing you to travel to more places more easily. There is no need to buy individual trip tickets, you can just tap to pay with your Opal card for a more convenient way of paying your fare.
How much is an OpalPay fare?
  • OpalPay fares are not the same as standard Opal fares.
  • Fares are set by the private transport operators and are non-refundable.
  • Concession fares are only available on selected routes and it's best to check with staff before paying with your Opal card, as you could be charged the full adult fare.
How do I use OpalPay?
  • To pay for your travel using OpalPay, make sure you have sufficient funds on your Opal card to cover the full price of your fare and simply tap to pay on the operator's payment device. The transaction will be declined if you don't not have enough funds to cover the cost of the trip.
  • If you have set auto top up on your Opal card, this will be activated at the payment device if the amount on the card, plus the auto top up value is enough to cover the transaction. If the two values are not enough, the transaction will be declined and the auto top up will not be processed. You can set auto top up, to up online or at an Opal top up and ticket machine. Check for all the options.
  • Do not tap on an Opal card reader. OpalPay fares are deducted from your Opal card when you tap on, so you won't need to tap off at the end of your trip.
Which Opal cards are compatible with OpalPay?
  • Reloadable Opal cards (cards that can be 'topped up') are compatible with OpalPay. These include:
    • Adult Opal cards
    • Child/Youth Opal cards
    • Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal cards
    • Concession Opal cards
  • Concession fares are only available on selected routes and you may be charged the full adult fare, even when Gold Senior/Pensioner or Concession Opal cards are used. Check with staff to fin out if concession fares are available or you can check our ferry fares here.
Will tapping on with OpalPay contribute to my Opal travel benefits?No. Unlike trips made with Opal cards on other public transport services, OpalPay trips do not contribute to Opal travel benefits or discounts.
Can two people travel together using the same Opal card?No, each customer over the age of four must have their own reloadable Opal card with sufficient balance to travel.
What if my Opal card is lost or stolen?If your card is registered and it's lost or stolen you can report on Your existing balance can be protected and you can get it transferred to a new Opal card and sent to you.
Can a tap be reversed?
  • Yes, reversals can be undertaken in two ways:
    • OpalPay reversals can be made directly on the operator's OpalPay payment device. After you have tapped to pay, staff can reverse the transaction. The private ferry fare must be the last recorded action on your Opal card.
    • If you tap on an Opal card reader by mistake, you may be able to reverse it. If possible, you can go back to the Opal reader. To reverse the tap on, you just present your card a second time to the Opal reader within 30 minutes of the original tap on.
  • Alternatively, please use the nearest Sydney Ferries service, if available.
Is there a maximum fare with OpalPay?
  • The maximum limits for SeaLink/Captain Cook Cruises private ferries on Sydney Harbour are:
    • $25 per transaction, $30 per day and $200 per week.

The Easiest way to purchase your multi-trip ferry tickets with Captain Cook Cruises Sydney. Download the eTravelPass app on your mobile via the App Store or Google Play for access to a range of passes on our most popular ferry routes, valid for up to 365 days. Please visit our prices section for further details.

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