Welcome the new year in style onboard a Sydney New Year’s Eve cruise

2022 Details coming soon

Sydney's New Year’s Eve fireworks spectacular is the world's best, and there's no better vantage point than onboard a Sydney NYE cruise. Secure your place inside the exclusive zone aboard with prime viewing positions for the spectacular Harbour Bridge finale aboard MV Sydney 2000.

Check out the 2021 New Year's Eve program for some inspiration.

2021 New Year's Eve program

From 8.30pm
Pylon projections and lighting effects - Sydney Harbour Bridge pylons and eastern side.

9.00pm Fireworks
Welcome to Country Fireworks - Family friendly show featuring projections of dancers, whale and emu totems, a fireworks display and exclusive soundtrack

Midnight Fireworks
Pyrotechnic effects launched from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and barges in the harbour to a synchronised simulcast.

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