Experience the thrill of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

26 DECEMBER 2022

Boxing Day is the day millions of eyes turn to Sydney Harbour for the start of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - one of the world’s greatest ocean races. While the skippers have their sights set on Hobart, the spectators on our Boxing Day cruises eagerly anticipate all the amazing action as the massive fleet jockeys for the perfect starting position.

About the Sydney to Hobart

The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race is held on Boxing Day, 26 December, each year. For many that means packing a picnic with left-overs from their Christmas Day feast, for others it’s a way to chill back with champagne and seafood and enjoy a spectacular summer’s day on the Harbour. The 628 nautical mile race has only been cancelled once in its 76-year history. Within a few weeks of opening, over 50 vessels had already registered for the 2021 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, including Overall Winner 2019 Inchi Ban. The current race record was set by LDV Comanche in 2017 in 1-day, 9-hours, 15-minutes and 24-seconds. The largest fleet was set in 2019 with 157 yachts ranging in size from a 9.2 metre Jarken to supermaxis over 30 metres in length.

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