18th October, 2023

The best ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day this October

The last Sunday in October is NSW Grandparents Day, celebrating the role of grandparents and older people in our lives, and the huge contribution they make to our families and communities.

Apart from an enormous amount of love, grandparents create a deep connection as role models, generational links to family history, security, support and a whole lot of fun for our youngest. It’s a unique bond between generations that deserves our respect.

Discover some special ways to celebrate including on spectacular Sydney Harbour.

Senior grandparent couple with grand daughter child on lounge
Spending time together on Grandparents Day

Celebrating grandparents

Grandparents Day has become the new favourite on the family calendar. It's a great reason to gather the family and spend some quality time together celebrating the special role grandparents and elders play in our lives. No-one ever loves you the way grandparents do!

There are plenty of ways to celebrate and create fabulous new memories.

Senior water fun, grandfather, BB - ST
Get out on the water

Water lovers

For those that love water you can’t go past Sydney Harbour. Ferries and cruises offer a great day out visiting the array of islands, beaches and restaurants around the Harbour. The advantage of restaurant-style cruise boats is that smaller children can marvel at all the ferries, sailing boats and tugs criss-crossing the Harbour through huge windows in a safe enclosed environment. For older kids its hard to beat jumping on a ferry, sitting on the top deck with the wind in your hair. Of course the faster the better so rocket ferries will add extra excitement. Captain Cook Cruises is one of the few operators who celebrates Grandparents Day in style.

Seniors outdoor fun, grandparents, BB - ST
Choose your own adventure

Grandparents choice

Of course the kids and grandkids don’t have to be the focus. When you can’t be with your loved loves, let them choose their own adventure! Grandparents in their fifties, sixties and seventies often have more time and energy than their kids, especially if the grandkids are still small. So rather than a family get together that suits the grandkids, give them an experience that suits their unique personality.

Maybe tandem sky diving has been on their bucket list for years, or they’ve been yearning to experience a new restaurant. Maybe they have always wanted to try a six-course degustation dinner with matching wines, or create their own personal perfume. For others something as simple as high performance golf balls or pure new wool for their next knitting project will really hit the spot!

Grandparents with granddaughter outdoor fun, senior, BB - ST
Quality time together this Grandparents Day

See what others do

There are some fun ideas already put together for you on the NSW Grandparents Day website including morning teas, a games afternoon, and family fun performances. For those living further away, a phone call or facetime with a little added fun could be just the thing.

Some simple ideas

  • Attend an event: Check your local council website for Grandparents Day events
  • Art & craft: Create an artwork, write a poem, or make a family tree together
  • Celebrate together: Gather the family on a Sydney Harbour lunch or sightseeing cruise
  • Reading: Read a book together or attend Story Time at your local library
  • Outdoor activities: Visit your favourite park for a play and a picnic
  • Storytelling: Tell stories about your childhood memories and share old photos
  • Baking & cooking: Pass on a family recipe or invent something new together
  • Share & Learn: Share your knowledge about a favourite topic, or teach the grandkids a new skill

Spending time together on Grandparents Day

However you celebrate Grandparents Day, make sure they know exactly how much you appreciate all that they do. Afterall “a grandparent is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend”.

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