Whale Sightings 2023

A small sample of our Whale sightings for 2023.

As we concluded our thrilling whale-watching season, we were graced by the presence of five exuberant humpback whales. These majestic beings treated us to a spectacular performance, executing their acrobatics with an abundance of enthusiasm. Their magnificent blows, gracefully arched backs, and breathtaking tail-up dives left us in absolute awe.
Fantastic morning on board! Our beloved marine friends graced us with their presence today, leaving our passengers absolutely thrilled. The whales treated us to a full spectrum of behaviors, including blows, pectoral slaps, chin slaps, and gracefully arched backs, all while performing spectacular displays like tail-up dives and a peduncle throw!


An enchanting whale-watching experience today. We had the privilege of witnessing breathtaking acrobatics as two humpback whales displayed a mesmerizing array of behaviors. From powerful blows to gracefully arched backs and exhilarating tail-up dives, our passengers were left absolutely thrilled.
Whale watching is an unparalleled experience. The whales underwater choreography was truly mesmerizing as we observed their graceful series of dives, their streamlined bodies gliding effortlessly beneath the surface. This created a breathtaking display that left us in absolute awe.


Today's whale-watching adventure was a true marvel. We were treated to the sight of humpback whales performing spectacular pectoral slaps and waves, awe-inspiring peduncle throws, breathtaking breaches, and the graceful beauty of tail-up dives. It left us in complete awe of this incredible spectacle
During our whale-watching excursion, we were thrilled to witness a multitude of whales engaging in fascinating behaviors, including tail-up dives, gracefully arched backs, and awe-inspiring blows. This day was undeniably exceptional, providing an unforgettable experience for all!

The pods were brimming with energy, treating our passengers to a spectacular show. Today, the whales joined in on the weekend fun, with numerous pods in action. We witnessed plenty of lively behaviors, from powerful blows and playful chin slaps to gravity-defying peduncle throws and impressive pectoral slaps.


Spectacular breaches! They truly went above and beyond, gracing us with colossal blows and sensational chest slaps. This day epitomized the essence of whale watching. We had the privilege of observing two adult humpback whales and a pod of eight, witnessing their majestic blows and awe-inspiring peduncle throws.
The whales joined the weekend vibes, treating us to classic actions like chin slaps, powerful blows, and impressive tail-up dives. We were fortunate to encounter multiple pods of majestic humpback whales, who dazzled us with their acrobatic display right from the start.
An absolutely wonderful day on board! Our excited passengers made it all the more special. We had the pleasure of witnessing various behaviors, such as pectoral slaps, tail-up dives, peduncle throws, and much more!
The whales treated us to a fantastic performance today. In addition to that, we had the pleasure of observing numerous dolphins joining the whales we spotted, all putting on a mesmerizing show for our passengers with their tail-up dives, playful pectoral slaps, and spectacular blows.


Today's whale-watching adventure was a pure delight! We encountered multiple pods, each with its own charm. We marveled at playful pectoral slaps, graceful waves, awe-inspiring peduncle throws, heart-stopping breaches, and impressive tail-up dives. It was an extraordinary day, full of mesmerizing displays that left us in awe.
Our recent whale-watching adventure was a breathtaking spectacle! The whales treated us to a show filled with powerful blows, majestic arched backs, graceful tail-up dives, and thrilling breaches. We also enjoyed playful behaviors like pectoral slaps, chin slaps, and peduncle throws. It was an unforgettable reminder of the wonders of the marine world!
What a delightful Sunday it was, coming together to showcase the finest tail dives and slaps for our guests! We were with numerous pods and treated to some breaches. The whales made our day truly special with classic behaviors like chin slaps, blows, and tail-up dives.

30 September

Another incredible day on board! The pods of whales were bursting with energy, treating our passengers to a truly spectacular show. We observed a range of behaviors, including playful pectoral slaps, tail-up dives, peduncle throws, and much more! It was a day to remember!
29 SeptemberWhat an incredible morning it was, with a large pod of 15 humpback whales joining us. We had the privilege of observing a variety of behaviors, including pectoral slaps, tail-up dives, peduncle throws, and more. They even treated us to the sight of their arched backs. It was a truly remarkable experience!
28 September

What a fantastic afternoon it was! We were treated to the sight of nine whales swimming close to our ferry, delighting us with numerous breaches and playful slaps. It was an incredible opportunity to witness a variety of movements, from tail-up dives to arched backs, accompanied by their massive, active rolling and slapping.

27 September

Today's whale watching trip was truly incredible! Those whales put on quite a show with their moves – pectoral slaps and waves, peduncle throws, breaches, and those tail-up dives. It turned an ordinary afternoon into something absolutely mind-blowing, leaving us totally in awe of the incredible marine world.
17 September

What an gorgeous day! The radiant sun set the stage for a breath taking performance by some magnificent whales, in particular a white whale stole the show with some beautiful breaches. They pulled out all the stops, treating us to massive blows, and sensational chest slaps. This day was the essence of whale watching.

16 SeptemberA lovely trip out of the harbour today, a pod of 6 active whales spotted as well as up to 10 seals near Hornby lighthouse. Our guests observed tricks such as pectoral slaps, chin slaps, peduncle throws and more! They also had the pleasure of seeing a mother humpback with her new calf, just off the north head.

10 September

A beautiful day to be on board, we saw the enthusiasm of the whales, with a long mugging from 2 whales, and another 6 whales sighted, and lots of epic spy hopping!

9 September

An absolutely incredible day for our passengers with a total of 20 happy whales, we observed blows, arched back, tall up dives, pectoral slap, chin slap, peduncle throw, wonderous actions making an amazing afternoon.
8 SeptemberA sweet couple of humpbacks spotted today! The colossal creatures impressed our passengers with their huge backs and sky high blows. The opera house seal was also spotted chilling out on the steps in the afternoon when the sun came back out!
3 SeptemberToday, we had the incredible fortune of spotting 10 humpback whales, spanning across 3 pods. Lots of activity...again! Another fabulously action packed day onboard, and a warmer one as we move from winter into spring.
2 September7 humpbacks spotted heading south today. They gave our guests great memories with a mugging, and lots of up close acrobatics including tail dives, chin slap, peduncle throw, pectoral slaps and even a breach or two!
27 AugustAnother beautifully active Sunday with the whales! The full show demonstrated again for our guests onboard, from two very enthusiastic humpbacks. There were typical behaviours shown such as tail up dives, chin slaps and peduncle throws, with some amazing breaches as well!
26 August

Unbelievable! Today was an absolute thrill on the waves. Two colossal whales got up close and personal, swimming circles around our boat – talk about a whale mugging! The action was non-stop: blows, arched backs, jaw-dropping tail dives, thunderous pectoral slaps, and even a mind-blowing peduncle throw. This was an epic day of whale watching that we'll be talking about for years!

25 AugustWe witnessed a spectacle out on the waves today, three whales took the stage, showing off with blows, arched backs, jaw-dropping tail dives, pectoral slaps, and even a mind-blowing peduncle throw. But that's not all – the ocean came alive with over 30 playful dolphins and charming seals. What a day to be out of the harbour.
20 August

A perfect day to be on board, we were surprised by 9 humpbacks, 30-40 dolphins, and a furry seal all at the same time! It was a great afternoon, with a few breaches to top off an action packed Sunday.

19 AugustA wonderful Saturday onboard! A total of 5 humpbacks sighted today, all showcasing exciting behaviours for our lucky onboard guests, such as waving and slapping their huge pectoral fins, and throwing their peduncle tails around to create a big splash. They were even lucky to catch two breaches today!
13 AugustA thirty-minute mugging today! The boat was clearly a thing of curiosity for the whales, they circled the boat performed breaches, slaps, throws and everything in-between! What an amazing season we are having so far, its lovely to see the humpbacks are back in full force!
12 AugustSome good action this afternoon from some mother and calf pods. Our guests were treated to a wave from our mates using their big pectoral fins, as well as tail up dives and peduncle throws. A total of six whales were spotted!
11 August

Very active pod of around 4 whales spotted today! The curious creatures circled the boat a few times, showing off their hyper active behaviours to our onlooking passengers. They were lucky enough to experience a mugging and a breach!

6 AugustThe whales don't stop for cloudy days! Despite the poor weather our passengers still experienced the wonder of a humpback breach. 1 big mate made sure our guests didn't go home empty handed today with some excellent activity in the water.
5 AugustSome good action going on in the water today! A couple of juvenile whales breaching out of the water, and performing their usual antics for the keen onlookers. Its always a fantastic day out on the water, especially when you're lucky enough to see a breach!
4 August

Great weather and a great show from our mates in the water today! One whale in particular was clearly excited for the weekend, with over a DOZEN breaches from just one whale!! With downtimes no longer than 3 minutes it was impossible to be disappointed with this performance!

30 JulyA new born calf was spotted today! Seeing the whales travel up the coast as a mother and new calf duo is always a pleasure, especially when they show off so much of their new found agility to our passengers! Behaviours spotted included pectoral slaps, tail up dives, peduncle throws and more!
29 JulyAnother day of action in the ocean today. All typical highly active behaviours displayed straight out of the harbour. Lots of showing off from 3 pods but two cows in particular, were loving the attention of our excited passengers. Watching these magnificent creature enjoy their natural surroundings is such a lovely way to spend your Saturday in Sydney.
28 JulyA fabulous day onboard today, with a very active juvenile heading south. The whale gave our passengers the whole shabang with not one for two muggings! These were accompanied by other acrobatics like breaches, tail up dives, slaps and throws of the huge pedunc!
23 JulyA great finish to the weekend with lots of action from our mates today, they pulled out all the stops for our lucky passengers. The behaviours included, pectoral slaps and waves, peduncle throws, breaches and tail up dives. Its incredible to see a creature of this size dive out of the water in front of your eyes, a truly unforgettable experience.
22 JulyFabulous activity today from a couple of young whales, they gave our guests an excellent demonstration of the action that can be seen when embarking upon our cruise! The acrobatics involved typical behaviours such as tail up dives, and pectoral slaps, and even a breach was observed.
21 July

Even more whales today! It's always magical to see these enormous mammals during their natural migration up the coast, our passengers were lucky enough to catch a total of three pods of whales today, all with long up-times meaning an action packed trip!

16 July

If we thought yesterday was a good show, the whales outdid their performances today! Two double breaches!!! It is a rare occurrence, when two whales breach at the same time, especially when its consecutive. Not to mention the many other behaviours they showed our lucky passengers, such as tail up dives, chins slaps and more.

15 JulyWhat a day! Our passengers were delighted to see many playful whales in the water today. They saw dolphins chasing and playing with their larger mates, causing lots of acrobatics from the whales. Including not one but two full breaches and a mugging!
14 JulyThe whales put on a good show for the boat today, with sightings straight out of the Harbour. They showed off with classic manoeuvres like peduncle throws, tail up dives and blows. Giving our guests something to write home about.

If you didn't know...the 'peduncle' on a whale is the muscular area where the tail fluke connects to the body!

13 JulyA magical day onboard today, with the sighting of a new-born calf! The baby whale was very energetic trying out it's new found abilities to dive out of the water, breaching multiple times during the cruise. There were also over 5 more adults spotted as well as around 10 seals! A very memorable journey today for or lucky guests.
12 July

The ocean was the place to be today! Our guests were treated with the sight of our mammal pals showing their acrobatic skills with double breaches, tail up dives and peduncle slaps. They also saw lots of dolphins joining the whales in their swim along the coast, A handful of seals were also spotted as well as a group of Albatrosses flying overhead! A very exciting day onboard.

9 JulySome excellent activity from a trio of adult whales today, seemingly trying to compete with one another to show our guests the best tail dive and slaps! There were also a couple of pods in the distance making themselves known with frequent blows.
8 July

A lovely whale watching experience today, a number of adult humpbacks spotted performing for our onboard passengers. We managed to catch sight of a couple of breaches, and a few pectoral waves and a tail up dive from an array of pods.

7 JulyThe whales were just as ready as us to dive right into the weekend today! Lots of activity including classic behaviours displayed by one juvenile who was very eager to please, such as tail-up dives, and multiples other breaches. Many sightings of other adult whales as well.
6 JulyThere was a good show displayed by the whales today, with a total of around 6 pods spotted. There were two juveniles who were particularly hyperactive, showing our guests their pectoral fins with a wave, a few dives and plenty of blows!
5 JulyHappy hump(back) day! The whales celebrated their sunny Wednesday by treating our onboard guests to a mugging! We had 4 whales swim right up to the bow and the starboard side of the ship, giving sightseers plenty to feast their eyes on for a dose of midweek excitement.
2 JulyLots of up times when sightseeing today! Three huge whales were spotted off the coast near the headlands, our lucky passengers caught sight of some pretty impressive mates, showcasing some classic behaviours such as chip slaps, blows, and tail up dives.
A few tail slaps from the whales this Friday. On the way out and back into the harbour our passengers were greeted with tail slaps from an adult and juvenile, who performed their tail breach in unison! There were also notable sightings of a few Albatrosses flying overhead, a fun extra when on a nature sightseeing cruise.
25 JuneThere were some great snaps taken from today's cruise! The pods were incredibly lively, giving our passengers a spectacular show. Numerous breaches occurred, along with fascinating behaviours like tail-up dives, arched backs, and impressive blows. It was truly an exceptional day for such an experience!
24 JuneYet another fabulous day onboard our whale watching cruise! Our lovely passengers caught sight of a competition pod...again!! The gentle giants showed off their huge pectoral fins by giving a wave. They enjoyed the gentle conditions and stayed close to the surface, providing plenty of photo opportunities.
18 JuneLots of action in the ocean today! Our guests were lucky to catch the excitement of a competition pod - a competition pod consists of one adult female being pursued by a group of adult males, they use their pectoral fins, tails and dives to impress the opposite sex and defeat their opponents. Needless to say the passengers onboard were very satisfied with the mammals' antics.
17 JuneMany pods of our humpback pals were spotted by our passengers on this lovely day! Up to 7 pods seen inclusive of adults, juveniles and cows all sharing classic behaviours with our guests, such as blows and pectoral slaps.
11 June

Another mugging today! Our lucky passengers experienced a mugging onboard today, the closest interaction a vessel can have with a whale. This glorious day was topped off with lots of acrobatics from over 15 humpbacks, an albatross sighting and over 150 dolphins!

10 JuneAn amazing Saturday onboard! So many of our lovely mammal mates made appearances today, including over 3 pods of humpbacks and up to 20 dolphins. Our passengers were delighted with the sightings and the full gamut of behaviour from the whales.
4 JuneLots of whales sighted on this fine winter Sunday. Over 12 humpbacks seen, consisting of Cows and Juveniles performing for our passengers with tail up dives, pectoral slaps and a peduncle throw! Also a shout out to our lovely commentator, who became a grandfather for the second time this weekend - congratulations Paul!
3 JuneA triumphant Saturday this week with a mugging from an adult humpback! A mugging is when a whale swims up to the boat and sometimes circles it, a breath-taking experience for everyone onboard. We also saw lots of other behaviours today such as breaches, peduncle throws etc. but the mugging definitely takes the cake!
28 MayA few of the lovely juveniles out and about today, with a total of three pods spotted. They gave our passengers a few waves with their big pectoral fins!
27 MayYet another fabulous day onboard, Not only did we spot 2 of our humpbacked mates showing off their tails, but also caught sight of a pod of around 100 bottlenose dolphins. There was also sightings of Albatrosses, with one with a wing-span of over 3 metres - even our commentator Paul was amazed!
21 MayOne juvenile in particular entertained our guests today. He loved to flash his tail with a dive, and wave his oar-like pectoral fins to our passengers onboard!
20 MayWhat a way to kick off the Whale Watching season! We had five humpback whales put on a show for us this fine Spring Saturday, with an early sighting off the coast of Bondi and then lots of activity off of the South Head. We observed playful juveniles and a cow make some impressive breaches! Our lovely passengers were delighted with the sightings.

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