Whale Sightings 2022

A small sample of our Whale sightings for 2022.

23 OctOne solo adult humpback spotted this afternoon plus a pod of approximately 20 common dolphins. Great sightseeing conditions today with light winds, small swell and good visibility.
16 OctAnother beautiful spring day with 12+ humpbacks sighted across both our morning and afternoon cruises. The females and calf's in particular were very active, performing breaches, tail up dives, chin slaps and much more for our delighted passengers and crew.
15 OctWe sighted 8 humpbacks up close on this sunny spring day. We encountered a near mugging in the morning, which is where an inquisitive whale swims up close to or under the vessel, and this lasted for 2 minutes - an absolute treat for all onboard. A bonus spotting - a pod of 20 common dolphins! Multiple whale pods sighted in the distance on our afternoon cruise, and 2 pods up close. We observed tail up dives, arched backs and peduncle throws.
08 OctA pod of 2 whales spotted on both our morning and afternoon outings. Tail up dives, arched backs and blows sighted.
07 OctArched backs, tail up dives and blows by a mother and calf pod observed on our cruise this morning. Great conditions at sea today with light winds, low swell and good visibility.
05 OctWe braved the rain this afternoon but were rewarded for it. Multiple pods sighted, with peduncle throws, tail up dives and blows observed from a mother and calf pod and a pod of 2 adult humpbacks.
28 SepA great morning as we followed along with a mother and calf pod with lots of action displayed from the calf the whole cruise! We could hardly keep up with the multiple breaches, chin slaps, tail up dives and so much more. An absolute delight to witness.
25 Sep

A pleasant day to be out on the water today with the weather starting to clear and warm up! We spotted a mother and calf 3-5 kms off Manly enjoying a lazy start to the morning and another mother and calf sighted in the afternoon just off Sydney Heads with lots of action displayed, especially by the calf - another afternoon of non-stop breaching and chin slaps!

24 SepThe great southern migration is well and truly underway with the abundance of recent sightings of playful calves. Great up times from a mother and calf on today's morning departure, peduncle throws, pectoral slaps, tail up dives and blows sighted. The sighting of the day, however, was reserved for our afternoon passengers and crew, who were treated to repeated breaches from a calf enjoying the cool waters just outside Sydney Heads. Another mother and calf were also sighted close by.
11 Sep5 humpbacks observed on a great afternoon with light wind and good visibility. The first pod of cow and calf impressed with peduncle throws from the youngster, although a short time after a pod of 3 adults stole the show with repeated tail up dives.
10 SepSmooth sailing for the the duration of our cruise today as we focussed on a pod of 2 adults. They displayed some typical behaviours such as arched back, blows and a tail up dives, along with some long downtimes.
13 AugPart 2: What an amazing day! Our guests were thrilled with so much action on both departures today. This afternoon we cruised close-by 3 pods, observing a total of 7 humpbacks including a calf. Some antics included blows, pectoral slaps and a tail up dive.
13 AugPart 1: An action-packed morning sighting 5 pods of humpbacks, so we could be selective! We stuck with the most active - a cow and calf, and a pod of 2 adults and a juvenile. We observed some common whale behaviours such as blows, pectoral slap and arched back, however the highlight for all aboard was a 2min mugging - brief but thrilling all the same!
24 JulyAfter some weeks of bad weather we were finally able to get back on the water! We observed 2 humpbacks on our morning cruise. Long down times however we did spot some arched backs and blows whilst enjoying some winter sun. The Whales were back to their acrobatic best in the afternoon, performing a 1hr 30 min show of breaching and slapping. A truly amazing sight for all on board.
25 JuneSpectacular sightseeing weather as we set out past the heads. Highlights of the day include sightings of 15+ whales within close proximity for our morning passengers and 4 whales and a pod of 100+ common dolphins spotted by our afternoon passengers. Lots of breaches, dives and blows to keep passengers and crew alike enthralled.
04 JuneWe had a' whale of a time' today with great weather and numerous pods sighted on both our morning and afternoon cruises! Lots of whales sighted in the morning but we stuck with an active pod of 3 humpbacks, a cow and 2 juveniles, who performed multiple breaches, pectoral slaps and peduncle throws, thrilling all onboard.
In the afternoon we sighted a whopping 6-8 humpback pods as they made their way north. A bit quieter than our morning whales with peduncle throws, pectoral slaps, tail up dives and blows observed.
22 MayWe were so excited to see our first whales with the juveniles leading the charge North! Our delighted passengers were treated to breaches, chin slaps and more from a playful juvenile humpback. A great start to the season and a sign the best is yet to come.

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