19th September, 2020

Here’s five sure fire ways to order well and ensure you have the most memorable night

Captain Cook Cruises has been Sydney’s pre-eminent harbour sightseeing and tourism business for the past 50-years. But there has always been one thing that separates Captain Cook Cruises from other operators on Sydney Harbour and that is its unique combination of hospitality innovation and absolute waterfront dining.

As 2020 rolled around, it was clear that this would be a year on Sydney Harbour like no other.

With big challenges comes opportunity, and for Captain Cook Cruises that included a refresh, a rethink and a reimagination of what dining on Sydney Harbour could be like for everyday Sydneysiders.

Captain Cook Cruises’ new Harbour Bar & Restaurant - born from a desire to do harbourside dining differently - is a modern bistro-style experience using contactless ordering through an online digital visual menu powered by Mr Yum.

The unique changes to both the ordering and dine in experience on the Harbour Bar & Restaurant redefines the way locals can enjoy sea waterfront hospitality at an affordable price, on the greatest harbour in the world.

1. Charge up that mobile phone for contactless ordering

Captain Cook Cruises has introduced contactless ordering in its new Harbour Bar & Restaurant in partnership with Mr Yum. Not only does this revolutionary new mobile phone ordering system elevate Captain Cook Cruises’ on board COVIDSafe credentials, it also helps with fast tracking orders in and out of the kitchen. Wait times are shorter and with less paper, it’s more sustainable. Not to mention your onboard personal waiter is happier and working faster to get drinks to you more quickly than ever. To start, purchase your seat or table in the new Harbour Restaurant for only $59 per person and your ticket price includes a main meal from a modern and refreshed bistro-style menu.

2. Pick a side, any side

And we’re not just talking about chips or salad! The best thing about the all new Harbour Restaurant is that the views on board are always changing. On both sides of Sydney 2000’s middle deck expansive windows, throughout your entire dining experience you can catch uninterrupted glimpses of Sydney Harbour landmarks bathed in a warm sunset glow. And if you miss something important during the first 90-minute loop whilst at dinner, you can head downstairs to the new Harbour Bar and stay for another cocktail.

3. Dress fancy, but stay relaxed!

Dining on Sydney Harbour is not your typical night out in the city, which is why we encourage all our guests to wear their best garb on the best harbour in the world. But eating and drinking on Captain Cook Cruises’ new Harbour Restaurant doesn’t have to be a stuffy, formal dining experience. The team has made sure of that! The Harbour Restaurant was created for the modern Sydneysider, with live entertainment and a relaxed atmosphere. A place to come for lunch or dinner, but stay for drinks on the Harbour Bar while enjoying the best view in the world.

4. Aussie steak and fat chips

Did you say fat, hot chips?! Sailing on Sydney Harbour in the past has presented some unique safe cooking challenges for our hospitality and dining team. Which is why now having a fryer on board in the new Harbour Restaurant is so exciting for everyone! Enjoy those hot chips with 220 Grams of prime Australian beef, cooked your way and served with cherry truss tomatoes and jus.

5. Eat first, drink later

The hospitality team at Captain Cook Cruises are so confident you will enjoy your 90 minutes in the new Harbour Restaurant so much that they’ve made sure to include an entry ticket to the new downstairs Harbour Bar in the purchase price. The Harbour Bar is where you can finish your perfect evening with a classic Sydney inspired cocktail or a fine Australian wine. If you’re planning a night on Sydney Harbour in the new Harbour Restaurant, you should plan to stay a little longer for another majestic loop of the city in Sydney’s newest waterfront bar.

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