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Captain Cook Cruises & SeaLink accept OpalPay on selected Sydney Harbour private ferry services

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OpalPay FAQ 

Please note the below information is correct at time of publishing and subject to change. Visit OpalPay for the latest information and services

What is OpalPay?

  • OpalPay  is a convenient way to pay for travel using your Opal card on participating privately operated transport services. 

Where can I use OpalPay?

  • You can now tap to pay with your Opal card on selected private ferry services. Look for 'OpalPay accepted here' signs.

Why use OpalPay?

  • With OpalPay, you can use your Opal card on a wider range of transport services, allowing you to travel to more places more easily. There’s no need to buy individual trip tickets, you can just tap to pay with your Opal card for a more convenient way of paying your fare.

How much is an OpalPay fare?

  • OpalPay fares are not the same as standard Opal fares. 
  • Fares are set by the private transport operators and are non-refundable.
  • Concession fares are only available on selected routes and it’s best to check with staff before pay with your Opal card, as you could be charged the full adult fare.

Can I travel if I do not have enough money on my Opal card?

  • No. Your Opal card must have sufficient funds to cover the full cost of the fare when using OpalPay.
  • If you have set auto top up on your Opal card, this will be activated at the payment device if the amount on the card plus the auto top up value is enough to cover the transaction. If the two values are not enough, the transaction will be declined and the auto top up will not be processed. 

Top ups

  • Set auto top up, top up online or at an Opal top up and ticket machine. Check opal.com.au for all the options. 

Which Opal cards can be used with OpalPay?

  • Reloadable Opal cards (cards that can be ‘topped up’) can be used with OpalPay. These include:
    • Adult Opal cards
    • Child/Youth Opal cards
    • Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal cards
    • Concession Opal cards.
  • Concession fares are only available on selected routes and you may be charged the full adult fare, even when Gold Senior/Pensioner or Concession Opal cards are used. Check with staff to find out if concession fares are available.

Which Opal cards can’t be used with OpalPay?

  • Non-reloadable Opal cards (cards with no stored value and can’t be ‘topped up’) and tickets cannot be used with OpalPay. These include:
    • Free travel Opal cards 
    • School Opal cards
    • Opal single trip tickets.

Can I check in advance if OpalPay is available on a service?

  • Yes. To check if OpalPay is accepted on a transport service, use the Trip Planner tool on transportnsw.info 
  • OpalPay available will be displayed on services where you can use your Opal card with OpalPay.

How do I use OpalPay?

  • To pay for your travel using OpalPay, make sure you have sufficient funds on your Opal card to cover the full price of your fare and simply tap to pay on the operator’s payment device. 
  • Do not tap on an Opal card reader.
  • OpalPay fares are deducted from your Opal card when you tap on, so you won’t need to tap off at the end of your trip (see ‘Which Opal cards can be used with OpalPay?’ to check if your Opal card is compatible).

Can I travel if my Opal card balance is low?

  • Check your Opal card balance and the operator’s fare before you travel to make sure you have sufficient funds on your Opal card to cover the trip.

Will tapping on with OpalPay contribute to my Opal travel benefits?

  • No. Unlike trips made with Opal cards on other public transport services, OpalPay trips do not contribute to Opal travel benefits or discounts (Opal travel benefits and discounts include Daily Travel Rewards, Weekly Travel Rewards, Opal Transfer Discounts, Opal Travel Caps and Opal trip advantage).
  • For example, the following caps do not apply:
    • $2.60 Sunday Travel Cap for Adult, Child/Youth and Concession Opal card holders. 
    • $2.50 Daily Cap for Gold/Senior Pensioner Opal card holders.

Can two people travel together using the same Opal card?

  • No, each customer over the age of four must have their own reloadable Opal card with sufficient balance to travel.

What if my Opal card is lost or stolen?

  • If your card is registered and it's lost or stolen you can report on opal.com.au. Your existing balance can be protected and you can get it transferred to a new Opal card and sent to you. 

How will I know how much value is left on my Opal card?

  • You can check your balance on your Opal account online or at an Opal top up and ticket machine.

How do I check my transaction history?

  • You can check your transactions via your Opal activity statement.

Where is OpalPay available?

  • You can now tap to pay with your Opal card on selected SeaLink/Captain Cook Cruises services with OpalPay. Find out more about OpalPay 

What happens if I forget to tap on or tap off with OpalPay?

  • With OpalPay, you tap to pay with your Opal card on the operator’s payment device, not an Opal card reader. You won’t need to tap off at the end of your trip.

Can a tap on be reversed?

  • Yes, reversals can be undertaken in two ways:
    • OpalPay reversals can be made directly on the operator’s OpalPay payment device. After you have tapped to pay, staff can reverse the transaction. The private ferry fare must be the last recorded action on your Opal card.
    • If you tap on an Opal card reader by mistake, you may be able to reverse it. If possible, you can go back to the Opal reader. To reverse the tap on, you just present your card a second time to the Opal reader within 30 minutes of the original tap on.
  • Alternatively, please use the nearest Sydney Ferries service, if available.

Is there a maximum fare with OpalPay?

  • Maximum transaction limits apply for each operator. 
  • The maximum limits for SeaLink/Captain Cook Cruises private ferries on Sydney Harbour are:
    • $25 per transaction, $30 per day and $200 per week.