Whale Sightings 2022

Whale watching season is officially underway! You can view a sample of our Whale sightings for 2022 here.

04 JuneWe had a whale of a day today with great weather and numerous pods sighted on both our morning and afternoon cruises! Lots of whales sighted in the morning but we stuck with an active pod of 3 humpbacks, a cow and 2 juveniles, who performed multiple breaches, pectoral slaps and peduncle throws, thrilling all onboard.
In the afternoon we sighted a whopping 6-8 humpback pods as they made their way north. A bit quieter than our morning whales with peduncle throws, pectoral slaps, tail up dives and blows observed.
22 MayWe were so excited to see our first whales with the juveniles leading the charge North! Our delighted passengers were treated to breaches, chin slaps and more from a playful juvenile humpback. A great start to the season and a sign the best is yet to come.

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