Whale Sightings 2021

View the recent Whale sightings for the 2021 season below, or view a selection of last season's reports here

12 June

Good conditions for whale spotting today - 2 pods of 2 humpbacks sighted on our morning cruise and we also squeezed in 5 minutes with a pod of 20 dolphins! On our afternoon cruise we sighted a pod of 2 very active humpback - 4 breaches performed, plus lots of arched backs, peduncle throws and blows.

06 JuneAmazing show today on both our morning and afternoon outings! 5 humpbacks sighted plus an up-close encounter on our morning departure, one curious whale approached our boat up to 10 metres from the starboard side, it was a wonderful experience for all onboard. The action and amazing sightings continued through the afternoon as our passengers and crew counted 10 humpbacks accompanied by lots of action, including a breach and about 20 peduncle throws. truly a spectacular way to spend a Sunday!


Second day of the season and we've already been mugged by 2 playful juveniles, who also showed off with lots of breaches and peduncle throws. 1 pod of humpbacks sighted on our afternoon cruise including 1 adult and 1 juvenile , however a bit more subdued than this mornings outing. A few Albatrosses sighted, for the bird lovers.


The 2021 season has finally arrived and we couldn't have asked for a day with more perfect conditions. A warm and sunny Saturday brought a pod of 2 humpback whales to the surface about 4 nm off Manly and then another 2 pods in the afternoon, 1 pod accompanied by a juvenile, and a large pod of 50 dolphins! Fantastic start to the season and hopefully the best is yet to come.

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