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  • The 2017 Whale Watching season operates 20 May to approximately 01 November 2017
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2017 Sightings  A selection of sightings from each month 

Date Details
20 Sep Passengers were thrilled by some close encounters today. We observed 2 pods of 2, a pair passing close-by our vessel providing great views of tail slaps, rolls and breaches. Amazing day out!
19 Sep Seven Humpbacks at play! A mother travelling south with her energetic calf, constantly breaching - an amazing sight! There was a lull during the middle of the cruise, then we were treated to more breaching from a substantial pod of 5 - including a juvenile - just outside the Heads. 
18 Sep A single Humpback breaching within 100m of our vessel! This whale had long downtimes and being a touch evasive early on, however we were rewarded late in the cruise when it decided to started show off, putting on a great show - sensational viewing, well worth the wait!
17 Sep A small juvenile Humpback spotted half a mile outside the Heads on our morning cruise. A bit more activity this afternoon with a pod of 3 close-by, providing great views of their antics, including a spy-hop! A single Humpback off in the distance drawing our attention with some blows. 
16 Sep  Pod of 4 sighted 8 miles ENE from South Head with some impressive displays - arched back, pectoral slap, tail up dive, peduncle throw and a few big blows delighting our guests.
15 Sep A great afternoon observing a Humpback calf and mum up close. They were inquisitive, swimming within a few metres of our vessel! Another pod of 2, and lots of breaching, tail and chin slaps, peduncle throw and blows.
13 Sep Dolphin Play Day! A lone juvenile Humpback spotted 10 miles out of the Heads, then a pod of 2 swimming 3-4 laps around our vessel - an exciting close encounter! It was definitely the day for dolphin spotting - approx 50 Bottlenose and 30 Common dolphins out to play, bringing smiles and cheers all-round. 
12 Sep Amazing day of close encounters - a pair of Humpbacks with lots of spy hopping and lying near the surface belly-up and mugging our vessel, an individual in the distance, plus 2 Albatross, and 3 playful dolphins chasing the whales!
11 Sep Big day with 7 Humpbacks and our seal friend sunning itself on the Opera House Steps once again. Pods of 3, 2 and 2 (plus more off in the distance), with an extended mugging from 3 whales thrilling all aboard.
10 Sep 2-3 miles outside the Heads we spotted one adult Humpback exhibiting some erratic behaviour. A mother and calf, another pod of 2, and a single Humpback this afternoon. In windy conditions the whales were playful with plenty of blows, pectoral slaps, a tail up dive, chin slap, and a huge 5 breaches!
08 Sep Wildlife wonders! Early on, a couple of juveniles just 1.5km off North Head, and we got a good view despite them being a little evasive. In addition, a pod of at least 20 bottlenose dolphins, followed by a sole NZ fur seal, and 6 albatross soaring above.
07 Sep A breezy afternoon with good visibility - we observed a mother & calf 10 miles east of the Heads, and typical behaviours including arched back, chin slap, and blows. 
05 Sep Double breach! What an impressive start to our cruise. The pod of 2 Humpbacks performed a spectacular double breach, the stand-out amongst plenty of other action including a tail up dive, arched back, pectoral slap, chin slap and blows. Bonus was an NZ fur seal on the steps of the Opera House. Visit the About Whales page for more!
02 Sep A fantastic day for whale watching! This morning we had 3 whales alongside our boat for over half the cruise, including a juvenile swimming back and forth. Afternoon, a pod of Humpbacks just off Manly with long downtimes, a few blows and arched backs, but the highlights were 2 great breaches & a seal playing with the whales for about 20min!
30 Aug 3 whales, 8 seals and 4 albatross! We followed a pod of 3 Humpbacks from just off Dover Heights to Bondi and caught some great displays including a breach, tail up dive, pectoral slap, peduncle throw and blows.
29 Aug Today's highlight: An almost-whale-shower! Viewed a total of 6 individual Humpbacks today, a large dolphin and 2 albatross. Saw a breach in the distance, however the big action was much closer when a whale appeared at rear of the vessel and threw it's tail, almost splashing us - a thrill for all onboard!
26 Aug Two individual Humpback sightings today, one impressing passengers and crew alike with a big breach approx 2nm off North Head. Also pointed out a small pod of common dolphins on our journey.
23 Aug Perfect conditions today presented us with lots whale watching opportunities! An amazing 11 Humpbacks sighted - 5 pods including 5 juveniles. We saw a breach in the distance however all attention was on a pod of 2 adults & 1 juvenile happy to perform with spy hopping, tail slaps, pectoral slap, and mugging to top off an impressive outing. 
17 Aug Breaches, breaches, breaches! 3 individual Humpbacks observed this afternoon, although the first 2 didn't stop to chat. The third, a juvenile, was heading south and put on a very energetic show, breaching non-stop for over an hour. Simply amazing!
15 Aug We spotted a pod of 2 Humpbacks very early into our cruise today, travelling south. One had very beautiful, unique patterns along its side creating a lot of interest from passengers. The pair played alongside our vessel and provided some good entertainment with a chin slap, arched back and blows. 
12 Aug A pod of 3 Humpbacks approximately 500m off South Head, plus another pod of 2, and special guest - a fur seal. Whales a little on the shy side today, showing us only an arched back and some blows. 
11 Aug 3 pods - 5 adults and 1 juvenile showing us their antics today. Our first sighting was a close encounter just outside the Heads, followed by breaching in the distance. Blows, peduncle throw, tail up dive, chin slap and arched back - the full display!
10 Aug Whales everywhere! A light wind and plenty of sun made for ideal conditions, sighting 10 Humpbacks including 2 juveniles just outside the Heads. Further afield we saw no less than 10 breaches, 3 of which were right alongside our vessel - what an amazing sight!
09 Aug We observed over 20 common dolphins today, plus a single juvenile Humpback rolling on its back, waving a flipper and then circling. Blows, arched back, tail up dive and a pectoral slap were part of the show today.
05 Aug An amazing day with lots of action out at sea! Over the course of the day, we followed 4 individual Humpback whales and even had a pod of over 20 dolphins bow riding up and down the coast! The highlight of the day however, was one curious humpback constantly mugging the vessel. What an experience!
31 July Some rain on the horizon today didn't dampen our experience! We began following a pod of 3 Humpbacks up the coast showing beautiful cruising behaviour with regular blows, topped off with spectacular tail throws. The highlight for passengers a dolphin & gannett feeding frenzy just outside the heads.
29 July Clear skies with only a light wind today - great conditions for whale spotting! First up, a mother and calf off South Head travelling North approx. 1km offshore, followed by 2 adolescent Humpbacks towards the end of the trip. Also some good views of 7 New Zealand fur seals under Macquarie Lighthouse.
26 July A special sighting today of a mother and her newborn calf, quite possibly just hours after birth! A very happy outing for both passengers and crew. 
25 July We followed 2 juveniles today, tail diving their way from Little Bay to Bondi, A total of 3 pods of 6 Humpbacks were spotted on another gorgeous sunny day. 
24 July The beautiful weather continues with perfect sea-going conditions. Today we spotted 4 pods of 7 whales, 4 albatross and 6 seals enjoying the sun on Diamond Bay. Behaviours observed include arched backs and blows. 
23 July Passengers on our morning cruise today were treated to approx 14 breaches, from 3 very active Humpbacks.Other behaviours observed include pectoral slaps, arched backs, chin slaps and tail up dives. A highlight of the day were the warm, spring-like conditions in the middle of winter. A beautiful day to be out on the water!
19 July Today's passenger highlight was a juvenile Humpback breaching inside Sydney Harbour! Later we followed a pod of 3 adults approx 1mile outside the Heads, a pod of at least 10 common dolphins, and lots of birdlife to top off a great afternoon.
18 July A lot of action by our marine friends today, with a competition pod of 5 Humpbacks meeting us just outside of Sydney heads. Behaviours observed include spy hopping, tail up dives, arched backs, peduncle throws, pectoral slaps & chin slaps. 
17 July Our passengers and crew spotted 11 seals sunbathing on the rocks by Maquarie Lighthouse, 6 dolphins swimming across the heads and 3 pods of whales, including a competition pod! A great variety of marine life observed on a fairly tranquil day.
16 July Sunny & glorious are two words that could be used to describe today's conditions! Over the course of the day, we were joined by a couple pods of whales, full of energy, just off south head. Behaviours observed include tail slaps, arched backs, tail up dives, blows and peduncle throws. 
15 July Near perfect conditions today as we observed 6 Humpback whales, including 2 juveniles, playing about in the sunshine. Behaviours displayed were peduncle throws and blows. 
14 July Lots of action on today's cruise with a pair of whales breaching and double breaching all the way from Tamarama to North Head. Behaviours observed include blows, arched backs, tail up dives and chin slaps. We also spotted a little penguin!
12 July A total of 5 adult Humpbacks sighted today displaying some typical behaviours in rainy conditions - blows, arched back, peduncle throw & tail up dive, plus a few breaches in the distance near the end of our cruise. Also plenty of birdlife with over 20 Albatross observed.
11 July Action from the get-go today when 2 whales were sighted cruising casually just outside the Heads. Approx 1km east we saw a massive breach, followed by a solo juvenile breaching regularly, then to top if all off, a visit from 6 common dolphins playing off the bow.
10 July Great conditions today with light swells and good visibility. We encountered a couple pods of sleepy whales on our cruise today, however they were still able to remain active as onlookers were treated to arched backs, tail up dives and blows
09 July A bit of a fresh start to the morning, but well worth it as we spent most of our time with a competition pod of 6 males just off Coogee. Behaviours observed were spy hopping, charging, rolling belly up, chin slaps, tail up dives, arched backs and blows. The afternoon cruise was a tad quieter, however we were joined by a pair of whales alongside for a majority of the afternoon. 
08 July What a spectacular day! Both passengers and crew were treated to multiple breaches and double breaches on today's cruise with blows, arched backs, tail up dives, pectoral slaps, chin slaps and peduncle throws being the cherry on top of a fantastic display!
06 July  We followed 3 pods of 7 humpbacks today and were joined by a pod of 12 dolphins alongside. Highlights today include blows, arched backs and tail up dives. 
05 July  What an amazing season we are having, with whale sightings almost everyday! Today we were joined by 3 pods of 5 humpbacks, including 1 juvenile, alongside in beautiful weather conditions. A few highlights of the day include blows, arched backs and tail up dives
04 July Sydney producing the goods again with the beautiful weather! Within minutes of passing through the heads we were met by 3 pods of humpbacks and 30+ dolphins enjoying the warm sunny day. For the last 30 minutes we followed 2 whales constantly breaching - delighting both passengers and crew!  
03 July We set out today in light to moderate chilly conditions and were greeted by a solo juvenile humpback. We ventured a further 1 km east and found 2 very active pods of 9 whales in total, who were having a whale of a time performing breaches, pectoral slaps, peduncle throws, blows, arched backs, chin slaps and tail up dives. 
02 July Dolphins were the main attraction this morning as passengers were treated to the sight of hundreds of dolphins as we passed through the heads. We also followed a few pods of 8 humpbacks, including 3 juveniles, who delighted viewers with a few pectoral slaps and breaches. 
29 June Today was all about breaches, breaches, breaches. For the last hour we had a pair breaching and double breaching over and over, right alongside our vessel - an amazing sight for all! 
28 June In the glassy conditions it was easy to spot the active whale, with lots of breaching action only a mile offshore. We then followed a pod of 5 competing males, intent on head charging and encroaching on other pods. Boys will be boys!
27 June One of the best days so far this season! We spotted a total of 24 Humpbacks today, including 2 large pods of 8, plus 4 pods of 2. Passengers & crew were thrilled when a pod of 2 mugged our boat extensively approx 100m off North Head. 
26 June A beautiful day with great visibility - perfect for all the breaches we saw! More than 10 Humpbacks observed, and at least 5 of those were juveniles, with several pods close together throughout the cruise. The highlights were some juveniles practicing the moves of a competition pod, and a mother & yearling calf pair breaching closeby for about an hour.
23 June Another great day out at sea in near perfect conditions. We spotted 10 - 15 humpback whales today and they did not disappoint with the aerial arobatics, with our passengers entertained by regular breaches, tail slapping, tail up dives, blows and chin slaps. 
22 June Oh Baby! Passengers were thrilled to see a newborn calf today (possibly only a few days old), along with mummy and an escort. Another juvenile breached and chin slapped repeatedly, giving us a good show. We rode with at least 30 common dolphins for half an hour, leaping out of the water and adding to the excitement of today's outing. A big day!
21 June Four Humpbacks spotted today approx. 2nm outside of Sydney Heads. Passengers enjoyed the blue skies and soaking up the sunshine on deck, observing several blows from these gentle giants.
20 June We got mugged! Three times! A great cruise again today, sighting a total of 6 adult Humpbacks in 2 pods 3, with repeated close views and mugging of our vessel.
19 June The highlight for our passengers today a pod of 4 just outside of South Head showing off for us - spinning around, lying upside down and raising both pectoral fins out of the water - an amazing sight! There were plenty more whales spotted in the distance, and a surprise breach off the front of the boat that several lucky passengers saw.
17 June A light breeze and good visibility made for 2 great cruises today. AM Cruise - A pod of 2 adults and 1 juvenile showing off with some blows, arched back & a tail up dive. PM Cruise - A total of 8 Humpbacks including 2 juveniles, plus 5 Albatross sighted. More action this afternoon with blows, pectoral slap, peduncle throw, and a tail up dive.
16 June A little overcast today, however still an amazing cruise with passengers treated to a double breach (cow and calf) alongside our vessel! This pod of 2 adult females & a calf played just outside the Heads early on in our cruise. We continued on to find another pod of 2 and observed a tail up dive, peduncle throw, and under water blowing.
15 June Whales everywhere! What an exciting sight that greeted us as we passed through the heads, over 20 whales and 10 dolphins sighted by our delighted passengers and crew, with a breach close to the boat by one playful whale. The calm conditions made for a spectacular afternoon at sea. 
14 June Great cruise this afternoon regardless of a little drizzle - repeated close views and mugging of our vessel. We saw a pod of at least 30 common dolphins, and a total of 8 Humpbacks including 2 juveniles - a pod of 4 giving the best show. 2 big adults behaving like a competition pod mugged us a couple of times, before settling into some surfacing games closeby. A thrill for all onboard, passengers and crew!
13 June An abundance of energetic behaviours visible along the horizon to our keen eyed passengers! A total of 5 individual Humpbacks spotted today, including 2 juveniles, with one whale bidding us farewell with a few tail slaps as we headed back into Sydney Harbour.
12 June An excellent outing today with plenty of Humpback sightings and loads of breaching throughout. A 'super pod' of at least 10, and another few pods of 2-3 whales, including 5 juveniles. We followed a number of whales showing multiple energetic and playful behaviours, then headed further North following the super pod for about 10min and saw some impressive breaching. Amazing!
11 June Back to blue skies today with good visibility and only a light wind. AM Cruise - Plenty of wildlife sightings with 3 Humpbacks, 2 seals and 3 albatross. PM Cruise - two pods of Humpbacks (5 individuals), and another seal sighting on our travels.
09 June Lots of action today in rainy conditions. We spotted 4 adult Humpbacks and 2 juveniles in pairs and singles, plus a pod of at least 30 bottlenose dolphins. Blows, arched back, tail up dive, chin slap, plus a big breach near the end of the cruise.
05 June Highlight of our cruise today was observing a mother and calf pod, plus two individual Humpbacks, and a small breach in the distance. Great whale watching conditions with glassy water and very little swell.
04 June We were joined by a small pod of whales for both our morning & afternoon departures. A few highlights from the gentle giants included arched backs, blows and pectoral slaps.
30 May Another big day with 6 whales and 2 fur seals. A pair of big adult Humpbacks in close viewing distance impressed with short dives and long up-times, plus a tail up dive and some blows.
29 May Light winds today with only a small swell and great visibility for whale spotting - 7 to be exact! Three pods of 2, 2 and 3 Humpbacks including 2 juveniles with loads of energy. We were treated to the works; a tail up dive, chin slap, arched back, pectoral slap, breaches and blows.
28 May Another amazing day of whale watching. Our morning departure saw almost non-stop breaching and theatrics from an energetic juvenile Humpback. We also got an up-close look at a larger Humpback and a pod of dolphins on our afternoon cruise, with a rainbow to top it all off! A perfect ending to a perfect day on the harbour. 
25 May Our passengers were joined by a friendly juvenile Humpback whale who approached the boat a number of times to say hi, even diving directly underneath the boat!
24 May Two adult Humpbacks near North Head, entertaining our guests with several blows and a big breach.
23 May An amazing cruise spotting 10-15 common dolphins off South Head, and the highlight for our passengers - a Humpback off Botany Bay surface swimming alongside the vessel for approx 30min with 6-8 close-ups!
22 May One solo Humpback sighted today. Although fairly quiet, we were treated to a a couple of typical whale behaviours - blows and an arched back. Visit our About Whales pages for more info on these gentle giants.
21 May Day 2 of this season didn't disappoint! A pod of 2 adults Humpbacks off La Perouse early in the day, and the same pod again in the afternoon near Manly. Exciting passengers with pectoral slaps and blows, the highlight was a double breach.
20 May A wonderful start to season 2017 with a pod of 3 Humpbacks sighted off Botany Bay this afternoon. These gentle giants impressed all onboard with lots of blows, 4x peduncle throws, and a chin slap with average downtimes of approx. 10min. 
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