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  • Whale Watching season operates approximately May to October
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2019 Sightings  A selection of sightings from each month 

Date Details
30 Oct A pod of 2 very active humpbacks rounded out our 2019 season on this afternoon's cruise. The cow and calf pod were spotted just off North Head, pleasing all onboard with a tail up dive, arched back and blows. Another amazing season has come to a close - thank you all for sharing the experience with us, and we'll be back again in May 2020!
29 Oct With good visibility and a small swell outside the harbour today we spotted 2 pods of humpbacks and albatross. A quiet start with a pod of 2 whales in the distance, then plenty of action in the last 45min from a cow, calf and escort pod. We observed a tail up dive, chin slap, arched back, peduncle throw, blows and a breach - the main event!
28 Oct A few distant pods sighted today, however after spotting a mother and calf up close, we decided to stick with them. We sighted a breach, arched backs, tail up dives and blows. 
27 Oct 3 humpbacks, 2 adults and a calf, spotted off Bondi, leisurley cruising along the coast on our afternoon cruise. However, the highlight of the day was on our morning cruise, watching a calf, accompanied by 2 adult whales, breaching multiple times!
26 Oct Anoher great day on the water today, lots of sunshine and whales! First up, we sighted a mother and calf off the Northern beaches on our morning outing and then 1 pod of 2 and another pod of 3 humpbacks on our afternoon cruise. Whilst the whales are always the star attraction, all on board were quite enthralled with the very active and vocal 13 seals sighted on the rocks off south head.
25 Oct Good visibility, light winds and a small swell - all the makings for a great Whale Watching experience. We sighted 6 humpbacks today (3 pods of 2) and our highlight today was watching a mother and calf playing off the heads. Lots of rolling around, pectoral slaps and peduncle throws observed. 
24 Oct Great visibility and plenty of sun on our afternoon cruise. We spotted a slow-moving cow and calf pod off South Head, and visited a colony of at least 15 seals off Macquarie Lighthouse. Whale behaviours observed today: blows, arched back, tail up dive and peduncle throw.
23 Oct A pod of 3 very playful humpbacks observed on a slightly breezy but warm afternoon. The mother, calf and escort pod were breaching, tail slapping and performing a lot of chin slaps. Along with some far-off blows, today we saw it all! Overall a great outing.
22 Oct A total of 7 humpback sightings on this warm spring afternoon. First pod of 3 adults + a calf off Manly with a few breaches and tail slaps. Second sighting was a pod of 3 (cow, calf and juvenile escort), also put on a good display with blows, arched back and peduncle throw. Lots of photo ops today!
21 Oct Lovely whale watching weather today - 8 whales sighted on our afternoon cruise. We followed a big pod of 4 whales, which included 1 calf, from North Head to Bondi. Highlights included breaches, arched backs, peduncle throws, pectoral slaps, chin slaps, tail up dives and blows. 
20 Oct Amazing day with a total of 12 humpbacks sighted over our two outings. 8 humpbacks sighted in the morning, with a calf breaching, thrilling passengers onboard. We spotted 4 whales on our afternoon cruise, including a mother with her calf, plus over 50 bottlenosed dolphins and 2 penguins!
19 Oct Great Whale Watching conditions today. A pod of 2 adult humpbacks sighted on our morning cruise, plus a bonus pod of more than 50 common dolphins and a massive 14 seals sunbathing at Macquarie Lighthouse! Our afternoon cruise spotted a pod of 4 adult humpbacks 3km off Manly. Great action for our keen sightseers with peduncle throws and lots of rolling action on the surface close to our boat.
16 Oct Three humpback pods this afternoon - 2x cow & calf pods, and a solo adult. Approx 2-3nm off Manly we were treated to a baby breach! Whale behaviours observed include tail up dive, chin slap, arched back and a several blows.
15 Oct Good visibility and calm seas provided the perfect combo for our whale watchers today, spotting a young cow and calf outside the Heads. Arched back, tail up dive and blows observed. 
14 Oct A fantastic day with 11 humpbacks sighted. First pod of 5, a pod of 2, and another of 3. The highlight was a curious pod 2nm off Manly, swimming close together and coming right up to our bow - get the cameras out!
13 Oct Mum and calf humpback on southward migration. Very calm duo, swimming slowly with the calf breaching a couple of times to the delight of all onboard. We also spotted some distant blows.
12 Oct One active pod observed today - cow and young calf, approx 8 weeks old. A lot of action including blows, slaps, tail up dive, breach and arched back.
08 Oct One pod of 3 Humpbacks observed for most of our time outside Sydney Heads today. The calf first got our attention, joined by a young mum and large male escort with plenty of action including a tail up dive, arched back, peduncle throw, chin slap, blows and a breach. Lots of pods in every direction spotted in the distance. 
06 Oct Today's highlight a wonderful breach and the enthusiasm of our passengers observing 3 pods of humpbacks up close. First pod of 3 sub-adults just of Manly heading south, 2 quiet juveniles and a mother and calf pod rounded out the afternoon.
05 Oct AMAZING just doesn't do it justice - 26 humpack sightings! 9x pods of 2, 1x pod of 3 and an impressive pod of 5. Lots of downtime however the numbers more than made up for it. Many blows, arched back and a tail up dive, plus the main event of course, a breach. 
04 Oct One word - WOW! A massive day with 24 humpbacks, a Southern Right and over 30 breaches! 5 pods of 2x juvenile, 5 pods of mum & calf, and 2 pods of 2x mum & 2x calf. What an amazing day with so many sightings, a huge number of breaches to delight all onboard, and a Southern Right spotted by our captain just south of Manly. This one will be hard to compete with! 
03 Oct A 7 humpback day! Our first 2 pods - 1x 2 adults, 1x 1adult & 1 juvenile - were fairly quiet, however the next encounter brought all the action including a good mugging! The pod of 3 adult humpbacks swam alongside our vessel giving passengers an amazing opportunity to see them up close and personal.
02 Oct Another amazing day observing 10 humpbacks! First up a pod of 2 juveniles, 2 pods of 2 adults, and to top it off, a pod of 4 (2 adult & 2 calf). Sunny with a little wind and plenty of whale action including a breach, pec slaps, tail up dives, arched back, pectoral slap and blows. 
01 Oct 4nm off Manly/Long Reef a lost calf to the north, and a mother swimming to reunite. They were approx. 2nm apart and we watched them reunite with lots of action! Spotted several other pods in the distance, quite tranquil with longer downtimes. 
29 Sep 3 pods of 4 whales spotted on our morning cruise between Long Reef and Bondi and 2 pods of 4 whales on our afternoon cruise. Both cruises with very similar experiences, long downtimes but some good action including breaches, tail up dives, arched backs and peduncle throws. 
28 Sep Absolutely amazing outing - our passengers on our morning cruise enjoyed a 45 minute show, performed by a juvenile humpback breaching and slapping about. Another juvenile was spotted and many scattered pods in the distance. Our afternoon passengers were treated to sightings of 3 humpbacks, good activity displayed - tail up dives, pectoral slaps and blows.
27 Sep 8 humpbacks (3 pods) sighted today just north of Manly, accompanied by calm seas, light winds and sunshine. Lots of breaches, pectoral slaps and tail slaps to keep passengers and crew enthralled. 
26 Sep 3 pods of humpbacks observed today, with all the action taking place within 1.5-2nm off the Heads. First up, a very active juevnile off Manly, putting on a 15 minute show! Our second sighting was 2 adults and a shy calf, followed by an active solo adult not too far away.
25 Sep A fantastic day! We observed 2 pods of mother & calf, one of the young only a few weeks old, and all eyes glued to the water for an impressive 20+ breaches! Our first sighting was just off Bondi, then shortly after another pair putting on a great show. Blows, arched back, pectoral slap, chin slap, tail up dive and breaches - all the good stuff!
24 Sep A perfect spring day! We headed north for our first sighting, a solo adult humpback. Travelling south, off the heads we spotted a mother & calf, absolutely the highlight for passengers who were thrilled when the duo swam closeby our vessel - an amazing experience for all.
23 Sep Our first sighting early in the cruise, a solo humpback impressing with a breach just outside Sydney Harbour. Another single whale, a pod of 2, and finally mother & calf pod just south of Bondi. Nice weather for whale-spotting with only a light breeze.
22 Sep Fantastic cruise this afternoon with great interactions from a pod of 2 adult humpbacks. The curious duo approached our vessel multiple times, so our delighted passengers and crew got to see up close a mugging, spy hops and tail throwing.
16 Sep We were treated to a fabulous show today with a juvenile displaying water acrobatics for 45 minutes! Lots of breaches, peduncle throws, arched backs, tail up dives, pectoral slaps and chin slaps. Its mother 0.5 nm ahead was just as active. Another adult humpback was spotted, however much more tranquil than the juvenile and mum. 
15 Sep First up on our morning cruise were 20 dolphins waiting to greet us at south head. We waved goodbye to the dolphins and went in search of whales. We found 2 breaching juvenile whales off Manly beach about an hour into our cruise. We spotted whales straight away on our afternoon cruise, again off south head first and then as we got close to Bondi beach. We observed breaches, peduncle throws, blows and arched backs.
14 Sep Spent a fantstic morning observing a humpback calf and mum off south head. A quiet start before they starting tail throwing and breaching, thrilling all on board. A total of 4 humpback adult whales spotted on our afternoon cruise, delighting us with a mugging and breaches
13 Sep We spent the afternoon with 2 quite active adult humpbacks, 9 nm off Manly. Several tail up dives, arched backs, breaches and pectoral slaps to keep passengers and crew entertained. 
11 Sep Blue sky, sunshine and 5 humpbacks. A day for the young ones, our first sighting a solo juvenile approx 1nm off North Head, then another juvenile soon after. A third pod of juvenile with 2 adults rounded out the day observing arched back, tail up dive, blows and some long downtimes. 
05 Sep First up, a single juvenile sporting lots of pectoral slaps, fin slaps and some breaches to delight our crew and passengers. Another cow and juvenile were spotted 10 nm off the coast, quietly travelling by. 
04 Sep 8 humpbacks today (4 pods of 2). Heading east 10-12 miles in sunny conditions we came across a 2 humpbacks diplaying peduncle throws and tail slaps, and to the delight of our passengers a breach. We observed all the typical whale behaviours during the afternoon, and spotted a solo NZ fur seal sunning itself on a buoy on our retun to the harbour.
03 Sep We got mugged! A pod of 2 adult humpbacks were quite tranquil (not putting on a big show), however provided an amazing opportunity to observe up close when they approached our vessel and swam closeby for over 30 minutes
02 Sep Another great day under sunny skies. Approx 4.5nm off Manly a solo juvenile humpback gave us an impressive show for at least 40 minutes, pleasing both passengers and crew with arched back, pectoral slap, blows and a breach. 
01 Sep A glorious first day of spring with a Minke Whale spotted on our morning cruise! We also spotted a pod of 2 juveniles and adult humpback on our morning cruise and another pod of 3 humpbacks on our afternoon cruise showcasing some shallow arched backs and tail up dives. 
31 Aug We followed a quiet pod of 3 adult humpbacks on our morning cruise, however we were treated to 15 minutes of non-stop action about halfway through the cruise - breaches, pectoral slaps, arched backs and chin slaps. A bit more action from a juvenile on our afternoon departure, showing off with some great breaches. A pod of 2 juveniles spotted a bit later in the cruise, showcasing some pectoral slaps and breaches. An exceptional day had by all!
28 Aug Blows, arched back, tail up dive, peduncle throw, tail up dive and pectoral slaps observed, however the highlight was a mugging by an adult humpback. We also spotted a solo juvenile, and a pod of 10 playful dolphins rounded out the afternoon on our return to Sydney Harbour.
27 Aug Our first encounter was a fairly quiet pod of 3 humpbacks, however the second more than made up for it. This pod of 2 adults brought the action with multiple blows, pec slapping and breaching - cameras at the ready!
26 Aug 3 juveniles, all travelling solo, were sighted on todays cruise. Our keen passengers and crew were treated to breaches, peduncle throws, tail slaps, arched backs and tail up dives.
25 Aug 6 humpbacks sighted on the morning cruise, with 2 whales captvating our attention as they kept approaching our vessel. A slight mugging occured and 1 of the whales even rolled over and looked over at the boat - show off, but in the best way! Another highlight on our morning cruise was a sighting of over 50 dolphins. Wonderful breaches and pectoral slaps delighted our passengers and crew on the afternoon cruise from 4 humpbacks. A mother and calf were also sighted off north head enjoying some family time. 
24 Aug Only 1 juvenile spotted on our morning cruise just off south head, but what a sight - the little one was mugging 3 surrounding boats, including ours!. A total of 3 whales spotted in the afternoon, long downtimes but we did get some close sightings of pectoral slaps and blows. 
21 Aug Six NZ fur seals and a solo humpback under sunny skies today. Although some long down-times, we did observe common whale behaviours including arched back, chin slap, blows and a breach.
20 Aug Calm conditions and excited passengers! A pod of at least 20 common dolphins, an NZ fur seal and the main attraction - whales! A pod of 2 humpbacks travelling very quickly northbound with long up-times. Arched back, tail up dive, peduncle throw and blows observed during the afternoon.
19 Aug Breaching and tail slaps were the order of the day. A pod of 2 juvenile humpbacks very active, keeping us entertained with constant slapping, a tail up dive, blows and breach. Bonus was a pod of 20+ common dolphins at play.
18 Aug Mother nature produced a beautiful warm spring-like day today and the whales were out enjoying the sun along with our passengers. 6 Humpbacks and a pod of over 20 dolphins first up for our morning cruise with a pod of 3 whales breaching off Manly. A mother and yearling spotted on our afternoon outing with the smaller whale breaching for hours! 
17 Aug Lots of breaching whales up close for our delighted morning passengers 1nm of beautiful Bondi. The whales were fairly quiet in the afternoon with long down times, however we were treated to some exceptional breaches by a pod of 2 adult humpbacks, thrilling all onboard! 
16 Aug "Water was like glass" - our commentator describing the perfect, sunny conditions of today's cruise. First whales were spotted 7nm off Long Reef, a mum and calf and another pod of 2 juveniles. A fantastic display by the final pod of 2 whales, breaches and tail slaps close to our boat! Describe a more perfect day, we'll wait..  
15 Aug Incredible mugging for 1.5 hours! We observed some blows in the distance and plenty of typical whale behaviours including arched back, tail up dive, peduncle throws, pectoral slap and a breach, but nothing compares to the thrill of being in very close proximity to these magnificent creatures - fancy being mugged for most of the cruise - magnificent! 
14 Aug A wonderful day spotting 9 whales and being mugged for 1/2 hour. After the first 2 pods of 2 humpbacks, we headed south followed by 12 dolphins as we came across a whale breaching 3 times to the delight of all onboard. If that wasn't enough, our next encounter was a sole humpback swimming close, playing underneath and mugging the boat for over 30min - an amazing experience!
13 Aug Two pods of 2 humpbacks observed in lovely weather today - sunshine, good visibility and light winds. The first pod 3mn off Manly with great viewing and high flukes, and also long downtimes (approx. 10min). 
11 Aug Great interaction for our morning passengers - a pod of 3 swam right up to us and then swam right under our boat! Our afternoon passengers were treated to sightings of a pod of 2 whales and over 50 common dolphins - who stuck around our boat for some playful fun. An exciting day had by all!
10 Aug Sunny day with great visibility & good to moderate swells. 3 humpbacks this morning (1 pod of 1 and 1 pod of 2) & 4 humpbacks sighted on our afternoon cruise (1 pod of 3 and 1 solo travelling juvenile) showcasing arched backs, tail up dives, peduncle throws and blows. 
08 Aug Minke Whale sighting! Our lucky passengers & crew spotted a Minke Whale swimming far north of the heads. This is just our second Minke whale sighting of the season, very exciting! We also sighted a total of 4 humpbacks and 25 common dolphins. Highlight of the day, other than seeing a Minke whale, were lots of action from a pod of 2 whales including constant breaches - we counted 6. 
07 Aug What started out as a quiet afternoon at sea turned into a brilliant show. A total of 7 humpbacks sighted today (1 pod of 1, 3 pods of 2), with not a lot of action from pods 1 through 3. However pod 4 made up for it, thrilling all on board with non-stop breaches and tail slaps for over 30 minutes! 
06 Aug A single, breaching humpback first up on today's cruise just off Bondi, followed by a pod of 2 adult humpbacks and then another single humpback. Lots of good activity today with arched backs, tail up dives, pectoral slaps and peduncle throws sighted.
05 Aug 2 pods of 2 juvenile humpbacks with our first sighting a tail slap just south of Sydney Heads. We stayed with the second pod for most of the afternoon in great whale watching weather - blue skies, sunshine and just a small swell.
04 Aug Weather and Whales! So much action today, where to start.. First up, we had a beautiful sunny day, you wouldn't beleive it was still winter. Two whales spotted up close on our morning cruise heading south to Bondi with lots of breaches, blows, arched backs, tail up dives, and many more common behaviourals sighted. Five whales spotted on the afternoon departure and our lucky passengers and crew were treated to some acrobatics and constant muggings by a single juvenile humpback. Customer satisfaction - excellent! 
03 Aug A sunny start to the weekend, we spotted 3 whales up close (1 juvenile and 2 adults) on our morning cruise. The tranquil creatures were happily swimming along the coast with a few blows, tail up dives and arched backs. Our afternoon cruise brought a bit more action, 3 pods of 5 humpbacks sighted with pod #3 (2 juveniles) putting on a long lasting show of breaches, arched backs, tail up dives, peduncle throws and blows. 
02 Aug Double breach alert! Our passengers and crew set out for an exciting afternoon with whales sighted straight away upon leaving the harbour (total of 6 humpbacks spotted). Double breaches, single breaches - you name it, we saw it! Other behaviours sighted inclue blows, arched backs, peduncle throws and tail up dives. Doesn't get any better than this. 
01 Aug Multiple muggings! Great conditions and plenty of action including 20+ common dolphins and 2x albatross on our journey. First sighting of a single sub-adult had long down times, and the third pod of 2 adults quite calm. Our second pod (2 adults) got all the attention, repeatedly mugging our vessel - an amazing experience for all onboard to see these great creatures up so close.
31 Jul Today we spotted 3 pods of humpbacks (2x2 and 1x1), a seal and pod of 10+ dolphins in moderately windy conditions. Whale behaviours observed include arched back and blows.
29 Jul A fabulous start to the week with 15 humpbacks sighted! 6 pods in total, we were treated to some breaches from a pod in the distance, tail up dives, nice stron blows and gentle peduncle throws. While whales are always the highlight, a fan favourite on today's cruise was the sighting of a fur seal colony at the entrance to the harbour! Flipping fantastic! 
28 Jul Another action filled day - 10 humpbacks sighted over two cruises today. All very active, especially one pod in particular who showcased non-stop action for over 30 minutes on our afternoon cruise! Short down times and lots of typical behavours sighted - breaches, pectoral slaps, tail slaps and arched backs.
27 Jul Lots of pods, lots of breaches! Plenty of action on both morning and afternoon cruises. Breaches and tail slaps showcased by the 2 pods we met this morning with many breaching whales in the distance also sighted. Our afternoon passengers were also treated to breaching and tail slaps from the last pod of 3 today, and pectoral slaps and tail up dives from the first pod. What an excellent day for our passengers and crew!
26 Jul Water like glass = the best conditions for Whale Watching! Dolphins were first up this afternoon, who greeted us as we were leaving Sydney Harbour. Shortly after we spotted 2 juvenile humpbacks showcasing their tail up dives and sightings of 2 more pods of adult humpbacks later in the cruise with plenty of action - breaches, pectoral slaps and arched backs. 
25 Jul Four humpbacks, birdlife, and a solo NZ fur seal observed today. 2x solo juveniles, and the highlight, a mum and newborn calf feeding! As if it couldn't get any better, we were treated to breach just prior to our return to the harbour. Now that's a pretty impressive afternoon!
24 Jul Another amazing day aboard our Whale Watching catamaran Maggie Cat with passengers and crew thrilled with so many sightings - it just doesn't get better than 10/10! 6 pods of 2 humpbacks, albatross, dolphins and a solo seal. So much to see and almost every typical whale behaviour observed from breaches to tail up dives, peduncle throws and pectoral slaps to blows, plus whales feeding, mouth open!
23 Jul A calm day with blue skies and sunshine. We observed a pod of at least 12 common dolphins, and plenty of typical whale behaviours from 3 pods of humpbacks. Although the first two solo juveniles had long downtimes, a pod of adult + juvenile were quite active with tail slaps, diving and the main attraction, breaching in clear view - what an amazing sight!
22 Jul A great afternoon - sunny & smooth conditions, perfect weather for whale sightings. And didn't we sight whales! - 15 humpbacks, in fact! A breaching whale shortly leaving Sydney Harbour and another breach in the distance. A total of 7 pods sighted on today's cruise with lots of action - arched backs, tail up divesand blows. Our passengers and crew also got a treat upon returning to Sydney Harbour as we spotted 6 N.Z Fur Seals - with one standing up for a photo op! A fantastic day had by all. 
21 Jul Breaches and dolphins - our two favourite things to see on an outing! Lots of pods again today, 11 whales sighted throughout the day, with lots of breaches and pectoral slaps on our afternoon cruise and our delighted passengers and crew were also joined by more than 50 common dolphins. 
20 Jul Triple Breaches! Lots of pods sighted on our morning cruise & lots of breaches on our afternoon outing. Lots of pods sighted in the distance in the morning however we had an up-close view of 3 pods of tranquil humpbacks, 6 in total. Our afternoon cruise was action packed. We followed along with 4 pods, 9 whales all up, with lots of breaches from pod 3 and triple breaches from pod 4! The perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday. 
19 Jul  Another sunny winter day bringing the goods. We had a boat full of happy passengers today, thanks to a humpback breaching alongside our boat! A total of 8 humpbacks sighted on todays outing, 4 pods of 2, just off beautiful Bondi beach! On our way back we spotted 6 New Zealand Fur Seas basking in the sun. 
18 Jul Breaches! Another huge day with 5 whale pods, albatross, petrels and over 20 bottlenose dolphins observed. A total of 9 humpbacks - 6x adult, 3x juvenile. The first few pods were quiet, then an adult repeatedly breaching within 3mn and a a double breach from 2 adults approx. 3.5mn from us. 
16 Jul A few exciting moments of surface play and close range from a pod of 4 juvenile humpbacks today. Our second pod was a tad quieter, 1x adult and 1x juvenile. All up a great outing with some typical whale behaviours observed including arched back, tail up dive and blows.
14 Jul Mugged by a juvenile, can you beleive it?! We're not mad though, this mugging, where a whale swims up close and swims around & under the boat to get a better look at us, was welcomed by our delighted passengers and crew onboard. We spotted a few other pods around, but all were in favour of sticking with the curious juvenile. 
13 Jul  Five humpbacks today! The first whale spotted on our cruise was off Maroubra, with long up times and tail slaps. Second whale spotted off Tamarrama, swam up close and breaching alongside our boat at least 10 times! Last pod of 3 whales sighted on our way back to Sydney Harobur, breaching and tail slapping about. 7 seals were also spotted by our keen passengers and crew, soaking up the sun at Maquarie Lighthouse. 
12 Jul Another perfect day observing 13 humpbacks, several close to our vessel off North Head providing great views. All up 6 pods (1x 2 sub adults, 2x 3 adults, 1x 3 juveniles and 2x single adults) with blows, arched back, pectoral slap and a tail up dive. On our return today's bonus was an NZ fur seal colony!
10 Jul Perfect sunny conditions and whales in every direction - a green light on the humpback highway! What an amazing cruise with over 20 humpbacks sighted and many surrounding us, mugging the boat! We began with a pod of 3, a pod of 4 and 6 pods of 2 before losing count there were so many. With a bonus 40+ dolphins, passengers and crew were delighted with our outing today.
09 Jul Some great breaches and pectoral slaps from our first pod sighting, and the second more relaxed but still plenty of up-time. A total of 5 adult humpbacks plus over 200 common dolphins on our afternoon trip.
08 Jul The Humpback highway is busy today! Whales in all directions - over 30 sighted by our delighted passengers and crew! At least 14 pods, mostly pods of 2, enjoying the sunny weather with lots of breaches, tail slaps, blows, tail up dives and arched backs. A record number for the 2019 season!
07 Jul Breaching Whales! And right alongside out boat - even better! Plenty of happy campers on board today with calm water conditions and 10 whales sighted with lots of blows, arched backs, tail up dives, breaches, chin slaps and pectoral slaps.
05 Jul We had a close encounter today with 2 curious humpbacks swimming up close to our boat to check us out - both passengers and crew loved it! We spotted 14 whales in total today, 7 pods all up, with a few distant breaches, peduncle throws and tail slaps - amazing sight!
04 Jul Another impressive afternoon with 8 humpback sightings and a lot of action between Bondi & Manly. Pod 1: 2 adults, pod 2: 2 adults & 1 juvenile, pod 3: 2 juveniles, and finally a single adult. Behaviours observed include blows, a breach, peduncle throw, arched back, pectoral slap and a tail up dive.
03 Jul Good conditions this afternoon for an amazing cruise! A total of 11 whales sighted and the thrill of witnessing a humpback breach, almost like a farewell to us on our return to the harbour. First sighting was a pod of 2 just outside the heads, followed by another 4 pods of 2, and a solo adult to round out our 11.
02 Jul A great day out with 6 humpbacks osberved up close, and plenty more in the distance. First a pod of 2, then a pod of 4 with action in every direction! From chin and pectoral slaps to arched back and peduncle throws, to blows and a breach, it was all happening!
01 Jul Porpoises at play! Another sunny, beautiful day out at sea, we were greeted by 20 active porpoises as we made our way out of the heads in search of whales - what a fantastic sight! After waving goodbye to the playful porpoises, we headed south and spotted our first pod of juvenile humpbacks, followed closely by 5 more pods (12 whales total) - all juveniles, enjoying the sunny day!  
30 Jun  Whales everywhere! Over 12 humpbacks sighted on the morning cruise and 15 spotted on the afternoon cruise, plus more than 50 dolphins! Lots of action - tail slapping, lunges, head lunges and breaches. A fantastic day had by both passengers and crew.
29 Jun Another magical day with lots of whales sighted! So many pods of whales on our morning cruise, possibly more than 10, and we got an up-close look at 2 pods of 5 humpbacks, including 1 juvenile, and a pod of 20 common dolphins. On our afternoon cruise, we sailed down close to Bondi and were surrounded by multiple pods, we counted more than 12 whales, lots of breaches, arched backs and tail slaps. A competition pod of 7 adult humpbacks vying for the attention of the adult female in the group was the highlight of the day.
28 Jun 16 humpback whales spotted on todays cruise! The good weather continues, with the swell under 1 metre, near perfect conditions to be out at sea. We sighted 4 pods up close to our vessel, including a pod of 2 adult whales and 2 playful juveniles, showing off with lots of breaches, chin slaps, tail slaps and arched backs. 
27 Jun A return to perfect conditions today with good visibility and calm seas. We saw several pods but stuck with 3 humpbacks (2 adults & 1 yearling) spotted straight off Bondi. We were treated to an amazing show with non-stop action - tail up dive, arched back, pectoral slap, peduncle throw, blows and breaches - the star of the show!
26 Jun Our biggest day so far this week, sighting 4 pods for a total of 10 humpbacks and plenty of action! Three pods of 2 and one pod of 4, all very active juveniles with lots of breaching and peduncle throws, plus a tail up dive and blows. 
25 Jun Dolphin day! Passengers were delighted with over 50 dolphins sighted on our travels, and a pod of 4 humpbacks swimming close together with long donwntimes of approx. 5 minutes. Crew also pointed out some blows in the distance.
21 Jun The wild weather continued today with big swells, however lots of breaching whales were spotted, delighting all on board. Four pods of a total of 8 humpbacks, performing multiple breaches, blows, arched backs, tail up dives, pectoral slaps and peduncle throws. 
20 Jun Moderate conditions for our whale watchers today, with large swells but good visibility. Spotted distant blows on our search today until we approached a small pod of 2 juveniles and a cow swimming along together, plus a pod of 10 common dolphins and 12 albatross! 
18 Jun Today we followed 2 quiet tranquil pods of humpbacks from Bondi to Manly/Queenscliff. A pod of adult and calf, and a pod of adult and 2 juveniles, one of which was white backed with a black line, sighted twice. A bonus was over 30 common dolphins playing nearby, albatross and cormorants. 
17 Jun Multiple breach alert! Two playful juvenile humpbacks kept our passengers entertained on our afternoon cruise, as they counted 7 total breaches! Lots of arched backs, blows, tail up dives, pectoral slaps, chin slaps and peduncle throws were also observed by these energetic little ones.
16 Jun The whales were not fazed by the wet weather, in fact they appeared to revel in the rain by performing multiple breaches and blows on our morning and afternoon outings, much to the delight of our passengers who did brave the rain to see these majestic creatures. We observed 5 humpbacks on our morning cruise, 2 pods of 2 juveniles and 1 adult cruising solo. On our afternoon cruise, our keen passengers and crew spotted out 11 whales, 2 pods of 2, 1 pod of 3 and 1 pod of 4 whales. A fantastic day despite the rain! 
15 Jun Eight appears to be a lucky number! Day 3 of 8 humpbacks observed by our passengers and crew on our morning cruise, 2 pods of 3 adult whales and 1 pod of an adult and juvenile. Enjoying a lazy Saturday morning swim, but still plenty of breaches and arched backs amongst them! Our afternoon cruise, however, was jam packed with 5 humpbacks and a dolphin rescue! Both passengers and crew watched on in awe as a couple of men in a fishing boat helped free a small dolphin stuck in a fishing net. An unfortgettable moment experienced by all!
14 Jun The humpback whales are well and truly on their way migrating north for the winter. We observed 8 humpbacks today, 4 pods in total, complete with arched backs, tail up dives, blows, peduncle throws and pectoral slaps. Our lucky passengers also experienced a close encounter with one curious whale, who swam up 2 metres from us!
13 Jun Another big day with 8 humpbacks observed, tail slaps, chin slaps, arched back and blows. First up, a pod of 4 right off North Head, shortly followed by a pod of 2 to the east. The finale today was a third pod of 2 adults off Bondi, one very large approx. 50 years old - an amazing sight for all onboard. 
12 Jun A massive afternoon of whale watching today on calm water. We observed 4 pods of 2 humpbacks with plenty of action in the form of blows, arched back, dives and a peduncle throw. In addition, crew pointed out a lone seal, and pods of dolphins swimming by us (including at least one calf).
11 Jun Whales and fur seals were the talk of the day. Our first sighting was 2 fur seals with flippers up thermoregulating, not something we see everyday. A pod of 2 humpbacks only 2nm off South Head had short downtimes (3-5min), also providing some great viewing with a chin slap, peduncle throw and blows.
10 Jun An amazing trip, observing 10 humpbacks with 2 pods merging into a competition pod. A pod of 2 adults spotted off Maroubra, followed by another 2 pods of 3 off South Head forming a competition pod as we keenly watched on. All the action today - blows, peduncle throw, arched back, pectoral slap, tail up dive, and the kicker, a breach!
08 Jun 2 whales, 1 seal, 3 bottle nose dolphins & 300+ porpoises! Our amazing outing began with a sighting of over 300 porpoises off Maroubra - what a sight! On our return to the heads, 3 huge bottlenose dolphins, then 2 juvenile humpbacks off North Head, followed by a solo NZ fur seal swimming south. 
07 Jun Very good conditions very good viewing - 3 whales, 2 seals & 100+ common dolphins sighted! We spent approx. 45min with a pod of 1 juvenile & 2 adult humpbacks, followed by 20min with the dolphins, much to the delight of our passengers. The show included chin slaps, a tail up dive, arched back and blows.
06 Jun Light winds with good visibility and lots of sunshine after the rain! We sighted 3 pods of humpbacks today - 1x 2 adults (cow & bull), 1x cow and 1x cow & calf. Although our whale friends appeared a bit tired after the big swells, we were lucky enough to observe a tail up dive, arched back, and a few blows.
03 Jun Our best afternoon of whale watching this season with 6 whales sighted, the most we've spotted on a single cruise this season! We spotted our first whale of the day, a juvenile, playing between the heads as we were heading out. We spotted another 3 pods further south towards Bondi Beach. As if the day couldn't get any better, we were joined by over 500 common dolphins swimming by - an amazing sight for all!
02 Jun Over 100 Dolphins at play today! We approached a very large pod of dolphins on our afternoon cruise feeding on large schools of fish plus 2 humpback whales off Bondi. Our morning cruise passengers were treated to a show from 1 humpback performing breaches.
29 May Two juvenile humpbacks apporx 1/4 mile off North Head, and boy did they put on a fantastic show with 9 breaches! Passengers also observed an arched back, tail up dive and blows from the pod, plus a lone seal standing up for a photo op!
28 May A great afternoon had by all today. We followed a single adult humpback along the coast, very short down times so our passengers were happy to have plenty of photo opportunities. A fur seal and and albatross also spotted by our keen passengers and crew. 
26 May Our first Minke Whale sighting of the season! Our lucky passengers observed a mother and calf dwarf Minke whale pairing on our outing this morning plus another active humpback performing plenty of breaches! One humpback spotted on our afternoon cruise but it was the 3 fur seals lazing about on the coastal rocks that really delighted our passengers, especially when they started waving their flippers at us as we cruised along.
25 May With a slow start to our afternoon cruise, our passengers and crew were more than delighted when we spotted 2 energetic juveniles showcasing breaches, arched backs, tail up dives, pectoral slaps, chin slaps and blows. A great way to end a beautiful Saturday afternoon out on the water. 
24 May We observed arched backs and tail up dives from 1 juvenile humpback & 60+ dolphins on our afternoon cruise, about 1nm north east of the heads. Check out our About Whales page for interesting facts, what whales you're likely to spot off Sydney Harbour and typical behaviours to look out for on your next Whale Watching cruise! 
23 May 4 humpacks, 30+ dolphins & 20+ albatross! Spectacular conditions today - great visibility, light wind and small swell. During the afternoon we spotted 2 single humpbacks, and a pod of 2 juveniles showing off with a couple of tail up dives and plenty of blows. A great day for wildlife spotting! 
22 May Approx 2nm off Bronte Beach this afternoon 2 juvenile humpbacks were spotted. We observed a tail up dive, arched back and blows, delighting both afternoon passengers and crew.
20 May A pretty exciting day! 1 adult humpback and a yearling (1-2 year old whale) sighted on today's cruise and the yearling was having a 'whale of a time' breaching multiple times and chin slapping about! Another highlight of the day were the 50+ dolphins happily swimming alongside the boat.
19 May Another lovely day in the sunshine with small swell, light winds and good visibility. We have our first breach of the season with 2 adult humpbacks spotted by our afternoon passengers performing breaches and blows, with dolphins sighted on both morning and afternoon cruises and 2 seals sunning themselves on the coastal rocks in the morning. 
18 May A beautiful sunny day to commence the 2019 whale watching season! A juvenile humpback was sighted on our afternoon cruise, 10 common dolphins to delight our morning passengers and 3 seals enjoying the afternoon sun on the rocks at Macquarie Lighthouse. 
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