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  • The 2017 Whale Watching season operates 20 May to approximately 01 November 2017
  • For more info about Whales in Sydney download the About Whales - Whale Watching Guide
  • Each day we record Whale sightings which can be viewed online (below), or view a selection of last season's reports here 
  • We have a 95%+ Whale Sighting success
  • Passenger comfort is our priority -  waves, swell, winds & visibility can be very different outside the Harbour
  • We only operate when we believe you will enjoy the experience - This Week's Predicted Comfort Levels & Weather
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2017 Sightings A selection of sightings from each month 

Date Details
28 May Another amazing day of whale watching. Our morning departure saw almost non stop breaching and theatrics from an energetic juvenile humpback. We also got an up-close look at a larger humpback and a pod of dolphins on our afternoon cruise, with a rainbow to top it all off! A perfect ending to a perfect day on the harbour. 
25 May Our passengers were joined by a friendly juvenile humpback whale who approached the boat a number of times to say hi, even diving directly underneath the boat!
24 May Two adult Humpbacks near North Head, entertaining our guests with several blows and a big breach.
23 May An amazing cruise spotting 10-15 common dolphins off South Head, and the highlight for our passengers - a Humpback off Botany Bay surface swimming alongside the vessel for approx 30min with 6-8 close-ups!
22 May One solo Humpback sighted today. Although fairly quiet, we were treated to a a couple of typical whale behaviours - blows and an arched back. Visit our About Whales pages for more info on these gentle giants.
21 May Day 2 of this season didn't disappoint! A pod of 2 adults Humpbacks off La Perouse early in the day, and the same pod again in the afternoon near Manly. Exciting passengers with pectoral slaps and blows, the highlight was a double breach.
20 May A wonderful start to season 2017 with a pod of 3 Humpbacks sighted off Botany Bay this afternoon. These gentle giants impressed all onboard with lots of blows, 4x peduncle throws, and a chin slap with average downtimes of approx. 10min. 
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