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  • The 2016 Whale Watching season operates 21 May to approximately 01 November 2016
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2016 Sightings A selection of sightings from each month 

Date Details
29 Oct The whales are heading south by the masses. Another big day of whales with 20 humpbacks sighted, including 8 juveniles. The juveniles were particularly playful, very active and showing off to onlookers. Multiple breaches observed today with blows, arched backs, tail up dives, pectoral slaps, chin slaps and peduncle throws. What a way to end the season!
28 Oct  Good visibility today with a moderate swell. Sighted 5 pods of 14 humpbacks, included 4 juveniles. We observed blows, breaches and peduncle throws. 
19 Oct Another beautiful day as we immediately came across 16 whales, including 7 juveniles actively breaching and playing about. Behaviours observed include, blows, arched backs, tail up dives, and pectoral slaps. 6 seals were also sighted at Macquarie Lighthouse. 
17 Oct 2 pods of 12 individual whales, including 3 juveniles sighted on todays cruise. Good conditions for whale watching today with passengers thrilled when we happened upon 20 dolphins swimming by and 9 seals sunbaking!
10 Oct Conditions at sea were moderate today with 3 humpback whales sighted, including 2 juveniles. Behaviours observed include blows, pectoral slaps, tail up dives and peduncle throws. 
09 Oct We happened across the first pod of whales today just off Watson's Bay. As we passed through the heads we were joined by another 4 pods of whales (10 individuals in total, including 4 juveniles). Our passengers were delighted as a mother and calf swam close by & treated us to a few blows, arched backs and tail up dives.
06 Oct We cruised up along the northern beaches this afternoon and came across 2 pods of 3 adult humpbacks each. Three of the whales surfaced right alongside and started rolling around, one even gave us a wave! We also had 10 bottlenosed dolphins swim by.
02 Oct Light winds, small swells & good visibility makes for a great day for Whale Watching. Our passengers today witnessed a mother & calf breaching along with another 4 individual humpback whales. 
01 Oct Choppy conditions today, however the whales didn't seem to mind as we saw 3 whales, including a juvenile, happily breaching and playing about. Other highlights of the day include 4 seals relaxing at Maquarie Lighthouse, 1 albatross and 1 shark. 
28 Sep We had very happy passengers on board our cruise today after being treated to a double breach, just 40m from the boat. The double breach followed 5 earlier breaches with a couple of chin slaps - with their mouths open! 6 New Zealand Fur Seals were also spotted lazing about at Diamond Bay. 
27 Sep We were joined by 20+ common dolphins on our whale watching cruise today. However, the highlight of the day was 3 breaching humpbacks just off the heads. 
26 Sep After some not so great weather we were treated to a fantastic day of whale watching! We spotted 10 large whales just 4 miles out of the harbour and followed a pod of 5 who were happy to slowly circle the boat and we even got to witness a couple of breaches. We also spotted a shark close by! 
22 Sep We watched a pod of 3 very active whales, including a cow & calf pairing) happily breaching, chin slapping and pectoral slapping about.  
21 Sep Spotted another cow & calf pairing today playing around in the water. Highlights were breaches, arched backs, tail up dives, a spy hop and some rolling around from the calf. 
19 Sep Conditions were fairly moderate today. We observed 2 mother and calf pairings just 3-4 miles off the heads and were treated to breaches, arched backs, tail up dives and blows. 
18 Sep We got mugged! Brilliant cruise this morning with a total of 3 curious whales approaching and mugging us just 7nm off Manly. They continued to circle the boat, much to the delight of everyone on board!
17 Sep 12 whales spotted today! 6 on the morning cruise and 6 on the afternoon cruise in good sea conditions. Behaviours observed were tail up dives, breaches, arched backs and blows. 
16 Sep Great day on the water spotting whales and at least 20 common dolphins. A pod of 5 humpbacks mugged us, thrilling all on board - passengers and crew included! 
15 Sep A single juvenile humpback approx 12 miles out gave a couple of breaches & tail lobs in the distance, followed by surface blows with long down times as we approached. 
14 Sep Lots of action today with 2 whales right alongside rolling upside down. Also  treated to plenty of tail slaps and peduncle throws, arched back, tail up dive & a spy hop!
13 Sep Two pods of 2 humpbacks breaching approx 11 miles out of the harbour this afternoon. Although a short show, we got some great close views to thrill our passengers. 
12 Sep Five humpbacks, 1 single and 1 pod of 4, spotted this afternoon with one curious whale approaching our boat and breaching alongside. Whilst whales are of course always the highlight of any cruise, we were joined by more than 30 common dolphins which delighted many of our passengers. 
08 Sep Another singular juvenile whale on today's cruise in moderate conditions. The small playful whale was clearly enjoying itself as our passengers witnessed it breaching, spy hopping and chin slapping. 
07 Sep We spent the first half of today's trip with 2 adult humpbacks who enjoyed diving under the boat, rolling around alongside and treated our passengers to multiple pectoral slaps. We then continued further offshore and came upon 4 adult humpbacks, who were just as curious as the other two and came up right alongside to say hi. 
06 Sep One small playful whale spotted today with arched backs, tail up dives and blows the highlight for our passengers. 
05 Sep Smooth waters, light winds and sunshine - the three key factors to a perfect day of Whale Watching! And wasn't it just as we followed 3 pods of 9 Humpbacks, including 6 juveniles, 20kms off the heads where we observed behaviours such as blows, arched backs, tail up dives, pectoral slaps, peduncle throws and even a sneaky spy hop. 
04 Sep Three pods of Humpbacks this afternoon, including one juvenile, approached to get a closer look at us. One curious whale treated our passengers to spy hopping and breaching off the stern with plenty of other behaviours observed such as arched backs, tail up dives, pectoral slapping and blows. 
02 Sep We followed 3 pods of Humpback Whales, 8 individuals in total, including 3 juveniles off north head.Highlights of the cruise included arched back, tail up dives, pectoral slaps and blows. 
30 Aug 6 Humpback Whales, including 1 juvenile, sighted today in moderate conditions with a bit of tail lobbying action by one of the playful Humpbacks. Other behaviours observed include blows, arched backs, tail up dives and peduncle throws. 
28 Aug What a beauty! Up to 17 Humpback Whales spotted today, including 2 juveniles, with lots of breaches and close encounters. The whales were very playful and kept our passengers entertained with a show of arched backs, tail up dives, pectoral slaps and peduncle throws. Another fantastic day in spring like conditions. 
27 Aug The whales have started their journey back home. We spotted 2 pods of 4 whales, including 2 juveniles (AM) and another 2 pods of 4 whales, including 1 juvenile (PM) heading south. Behaviours observed were blows, arched backs, tail up dives, breaches and peduncle throws. 
26 Aug The sun is back! A beautiful day today with calm seas. We spotted 6 whales playing just outside the harbour entrance. 
23 Aug Today we followed 4 pods of 5 individual Humpbacks, including 1 juvenile and 15 Dolphins. Highlights included blows and tail up dives.
22 Aug A bit of light rain today, however that didn't stop the whales from coming out to play. A bit of mugging action and breaching from a pod of 2 whales kept passengers enthralled as the whales were then joined by approximately 10 dolphins and one single seal!
21 Aug 4 pods of Humpbacks, including a mother and calf pairing spotted today in great conditions. Highlights included breaching close to the boat, arched backs, tail up dives, blows, peduncle throws and spy hopping. 
20 Aug Whales up close again today for majority of the cruise in fairly good conditions. Behaviours observed include arched backs, blows, and peduncle throws.
19 Aug Another gorgeous and exciting day out on the water as we followed 2 pods with a couple of close breaches. The playful creatures enjoyed the day rolling around belly up alongside and tail slapping followed by a mugging. To top it off, passengers were treated to a double spy hop. To quote our skipper on the day - awesome!
18 Aug Arguably our best day of the season thus far! Lots of action out on the water today as we followed 3 pods of Humpbacks & 20+ playful Bottlenose Dolphins with 4 breaches 5-10 metres away from the boat! We also visited a colony of over 10 New Zealand Fur Seals enjoying the sun at Diamond Bay. Other behaviours observed include blows, arched backs, tail up dives, spy hopping, tail lobs and mugging - a record of 4 times! Needless to say, we had a boat full of extremely happy passengers.
17 Aug A massive day of Whale Watching today - with a pod of 5 Humpbacks mugging the boat plus plenty of blows, arched backs, tail up dives and pectoral slaps. Whilst whale are always the main highlight of the cruise, our passengers were delighted at the sighting of a group of 10-15 False Killer Whales heading north. A very extraordinary sight indeed.
16 Aug Great conditions today with light winds and good visibility. We spotted 2 pods of whales, delighting our passengers with plenty of breaches, blows, arched backs, tail up dives, pectoral slaps and a chin slap from a close distance. 
15 Aug A great day for Whale Watching! We followed 2 whales 1 mile off south head where they came within centimeters of the boat and treated us to blows, arched backs, tail up dives, pectoral slaps and a peduncle throw. As we cruise back towards the harbour we spotted a juvenile breaching, keeping our passengers enthralled for the remainder of the trip.
14 Aug Plenty of action off shore today, with 9 whales delighting our passengers with close encounters to the boat, blows and a peduncle throw. Another highlight of the day were sightings of dolphins, multiple marine birds and a seal.
13 Aug We followed a single Humpback this afternoon and observed blows in the distance with a later close view of breaching and spy hopping. 
12 Aug Another beautiful day with light winds, moderate swells and good visibility. We spotted 3 whales today, displaying plenty of breaches, arched backs and tail up dives.
09 Aug We spotted a pod of 3 humpbacks today, including 1 juvenile and were treated to a show of breaches, blows, arched backs, tail up dives, pectoral slaps and a chin slap.
08 Aug A big day with 2 pods of humpbacks (6 individuals) sighted! Behaviours observed include multiple breaches, blows, arched backs, tail up dives, pectoral slaps, chin slaps and a peduncle throw. 
07 Aug After a miserable week of rain, the whales have taken matters into their own hands and come in search of eager whale watchers, treating our passengers today to a breach inside the heads & a few very close encounters! The whales provided lots of action with blows, arched backs, tail up dives, breaches and peduncle throws.
30 July  We followed 2 pods of humpbacks travelling north just 11nm off Maroubra beach! Along with the sighting of a black browed albatros, highlights included blows, arched backs and tail up dives. 
29 July Great visibility with light winds and moderate swells, we followed a pod of active male humpbacks and 2 juveniles. The highlight of the day was lots of breaches and over 10 albatros.
27 July  Spotted! 3 Southern Right Whales (including one juvenile)and 1 humpback whale delighted our lucky passengers with their presence and continued to entertain with lots of blows, arched backs, tail up dives, breaches, pectoral slaps and a chin slap.
26 July The whales were out to play today, with 3 pods of humpbacks dazzling onlookers with blows, arched backs, tail up dives, breaches, pectoral slaps, chin slaps and a peduncle throw. 
24 July A great start to the day, our passengers were delighted to see two New Zealand Fur Seals enjoying the sun on the Opera House Steps, followed by a friendly pod of whales with plenty of blows & tail up dives.
21 July The sun is back, accompanied by moderate swell and good visibility which proved great conditions for whale spotting. A total of 4 humpbacks (2 pods of 2) including 1 juvenile with passengers delighted by 2 breaches, underwater blows, arched back and a tail up dive. 3 seals inside the harbour topped it all off.
20 July The action started early on in our cruise this afternoon - a pair of whales approx. 3nm off Bondi, followed back to the Heads. We witnessed an impressive double breach, along with a tail up dive, blows, peduncle throw and arched back.
19 July Soon after departure we were greeted with 4 breaches as we approached 2 humpbacks, following then up the coast as they showed off with blows, chin slaps and peduncle throws. Also spotted plenty more whales out in the distance.
18 July A wonderful and unique experience on our cruise this afternoon - a newborn calf! Our experienced commentator believed he was just a few days old so we gave him and his nervous mother a wave and then left them to bond. Quickly we found another 2 adult whales, following for the rest of our journey. Another highlight was spotting 2 seals, including a pup, plus some dolphins - a day for the babies!
17 July The whales have been busy this weekend, showing off to our lucky passengers with breaches and getting in very close to the boat. A pod of dolphins also enjoyed riding our bow waves for over 40 minutes!
16 July Highlights this afternoon included observing 2 individual humpbacks and more than 10 dolphins bow riding for approx. 40 minutes - exciting stuff!
15 July Another massive day on the water, sighting 10 humpback whales (4 pods), plus over 100 dolphins! We experienced a mugging alongside (wowing passengers), along with regular behaviours including a breach, blows, chin and pectoral slaps, tail up dive and arched back.
14 July Whales and dolphins galore! 1 adult plus 2 juvenile humpbacks with plenty of action - blows, chin & pectoral slaps, arched back and a breach. 2 seals, lots of birdlife and over 50 Common, Bottlenose and Fraser's dolphins delighted all onboard.
13 July Calm seas and sunny blue skies make for a perfect day of whale watching! We followed 5 adult humpback whales, 3 juveniles, with a pod of dolphins and 2 seals joining in on the fun. Our passengers were kept entertained by the whales playful nature with plenty of breaches, blows, arched backs, tail up dives, pectoral slaps, chin slaps and a peduncle throw.
12 July Lots of wildlife spotting on a cool, sunny afternoon - 4 adult humpback whales, a pod of dolphins, 1 New Zealand fur seal and plenty of birdlife. Highlight for our passengers was a breach, plus multiple blows, chin slap, tail up dive, peduncle throw, arched back and a pectoral slap.
11 July A full cruise of happy customers this afternoon after spotting 6 humpbacks and a surprise guest - a minke whale! Lots of action with a tail up dive, arched back, peduncle throw and plently of blows. 
10 July A wonderful day with some mugging action and lots of whales! An amazing experience for all onboard when 2 humpbacks came right up close to the vessel this morning. 8 humpbacks spotted roughly 2nm off North Head this morning, then another 4 approx. 3.5nm off shore from North Head in the afternoon. 
09 July 2 pods of 2 and 2 pods of 3 humpbacks with a couple of close encounters as a few individuals swam toward the vessel this morning. We observed multiple blows, arched backs, a tail up dive, pectoral slap and peduncle throw.
06 July A lot of action on the harbour today! We spotted 1 seal, 2 pods and 6 individual Humpbacks, including 1 juvenile, delighting passengers with blows, arched backs, tail up dives, breaches, pectoral slaps, chin slaps and peduncle throws. The highlight of the day was a massive breach right alongside!
05 July Another fantastic day to spot whales, with the friendly giants approaching with plenty of breaches, blows, arched backs, tail up dive, chin slap and a tail slap! One whale in particular was very playful, showing off with breaching and lunging on a regular basis alongside.
04 July Lots of energetic whales practicing their breaches today, delighting our passengers with approximately a dozen breaches in the space of 10 minutes! This outstanding display follows the sighting of blows, arched backs, tail up dives and pectoral slaps of over 10 individual Humpback whales just outside the heads.
03 July Mother nature has provided us with another great day for whale watching with over 16 Humpback whales playing just 2 miles off south head. Plenty of arched backs, tail up dives and peduncle throws, along with the appearance of over 20 bottlenose dolphins was definitely a highlight of the day.
02 July A beautiful day to see lots of whales! 3 pods of Humpbacks spotted in the morning & 2 pods in the afternoon along with 2 juveniles just off north head with lots of activity including blows, arched backs, tail up dives and a peduncle throw.
01 July What a day to remember! It is not often a Humpback approaches alongside the boat, belly up! This behavior was a new one for us, and it must have been new for the other members of the pod too. Not to be left out, the other whales approached and began rolling around in the water. The cherry on top was approximately 100 dolphins and a few seals dropping in to say hi. What an amazing day!
30 June Today we followed a pod of 3 Humpbacks about 4 miles south-east of the heads and were rewarded with some fantastic up-close views of tail up dives, arched backs and blows. Another highlight to the day was spotting a black-browed albatros and the yellow-nosed albatros.
29 June Light winds and good visibility allowed a great day for whale watching as we followed 3 very active Humpbacks, including a cow and its calf. Passengers were treated to two up-close breaches by the calf, blows, arched backs and a tail up dive.
28 June Another clear day providing great visibility for whale spotting. 2 pods of 3, plus 2 individual humpbacks delighted passengers this afternoon - we were treated to a tail up dive, arched back and multiple blows.
27 June Today we were mugged! A total of 5 individual humpbacks spotted, 1 of which thrilled our passengers with a good mugging (when a whale comes directly alongside and we are forced to come to a complete stop). So much action including blows, breach, peduncle throw, arched back, tail up dive, pectoral slap, chin slap and a spy hop in very proximity.
23 June We have had the best start to the whale season ever! What a fantastic day. We followed 4 pods and were rewarded with 10 breaches and pec slapping,  Hardly anything beats the sight of a Humpback breaching alongside, although the 500 common dolphins, in 2 pods, leaping and playing in the water, comes a close second.   
22 June We stuck with a pod of 3 whales today giving us plenty of fantastic close up views and a massive penduncle throw. Spotting our white-bellied sea eagle and majestic black-browed albatross is always a highlight
19 June Lots of whale action today with 12 Humpbacks spotted on our morning cruise, and another 8 in the afternoon. We were treated to a range of behaviours including blows, breaching, chin slap, peduncle throw, pectoral slap and tail up dives.
18 June A great start to the weekend with sightings of 8 Humpbacks on each of our morning and afternoon cruises. The highlight was 4 very active whales with a lot of tail lobbing, One in particular was upside down and tail lobbing repeatedly as we left Long Reef.
17 June Today was one of the best days of the season so far. Just 3 miles out of the Heads several pods delighted our passengers with 30mins of breaching. We started to follow them north but got distracted by over 100 dolphins who decided to play off our bow. They soon led us to a whale feeding on its side, with the dolphins hanging around for scraps. An absolutely unique experience as humpbacks do not normally feed during migration!
16 June Wow! An amazing afternoon with sightings of 16 whales plus approximately 50 Common Dolphins who came right up to the bow. At one point, 5 young male Humpbacks in persuit of a female cruised by at high speed with lots of energy, creating a lot of excitement onboard. So much happening with these playful creatures swimming with heads out of the water, rolling, splashing, crashing, breaching and slapping.
15 June Another wonderful day with up to 15 whales including 3 juveniles, many in close proximity. Our passengers were thrilled with nearly 2 solid hours of action including breaches and flipper slaps, arched back, tail up dive and blows, plus plenty of close passes with whales visible underwater alongside.
14 June A massive day in the whale spotting department with lovely calm conditions and good visibility. Over 20 Humpbacks sighted in pods of 2-5 adults. The first pair close by our boat and quite close to the surface for clear views. Highlight was a pod of 5 males showing off for us with breaches, pec slaps and peduncle throws, and a single whale coming up on our starboard side and staying close for some great photo ops.
13 June Whales, whales everywhere! A fantastic afternoon with sightings of up to 15 whales. We were close-by a pod of 6 Humpbacks all afternoon, and our persistence paid off as they began pec slapping and treated us to approximately 20 breaches alongside the boat. Amazing day!
11 June Light wind, a moderate swell and good visibility was the winning combo today. Total of 6 Humpbacks in 2 pods plus Black-browed albatross. The highlight of the cruise was 4 whales pec slapping 500m off North Head - and a spy hop. The number of whales so early in the season are fantastic.
10 June Two pods of Mum and calf were the highlight of today's cruise with blows, arched back and a tail up dive. We followed an elusive pair most of the afternoon, zig-zagging and giving us the runaround, however were rewarded with some fantastic close views.
08 June Passengers were delighted by lots of up-close whales this afternoon. The first pod was spotted approx. 2nm off the Heads, with whales alongside for most of the cruise. Four pods in total including a calf with mother and accompanying 'aunty' - blows, arched back, tail up dive and peduncle throw, plus breaches. Wow!
03 June A great cruise today with light winds and good visibility. A total of 6 Humpbacks (4 adults & 2 juveniles) spotted off Botany Bay. Best views of the day were of a mother & calf pair, plus plenty of birds including albatross, skua & gannet.
01 June This afternoon we cruised down past Maroubra before being treated to nearly 45min of impressive views 2 miles off The Gap with tail up dives, arched backs and blows. An adult and juvenile Humpback, fur seal, albatross and gannets were highlights.
31 May Our passengers were treated to lots of action today, courtesy of a Humpback pod of one female and one juvenile. We observed blows, arched back and tail up dive, plus an amazing display of nearly 20 breaches. Also spotted Black-browed Albatross and Gannets on our travels.
30 May That crazy, cold wind finally lifted and we were able to cruise for the first time since last Thursday. We were joined by over 20 dolphins and a cheeky seal as we followed a female Humpback and juvenile cruising north of Tamarama. Fantastic to be back out with our whale friends.
22 May A fantastic second day with 3 pods and 6 individual Humpbacks off South Head, treating us to arched backs, blows, breaches, pectoral slap, peduncle throws and a tail up dive. The boys can't help showing off early in the season!
21 May The 2016 Whale Watching season has begun! What an exciting start with the whales putting on a show with arched backs, tail up dives and blows. One pod of Humpback Whales, a juvenile and and a pod of Minke Whales, plus dolphins and one of our favourites - a Black-browed Albatross.
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